Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Donald Douglas Beclowns Himself (again), and Insults His Friend

Yeah, Donald did it again...

In a desperate attempt to lash out at me, Donald posted the following:

Thousands March Against Israel in Los Angeles: Racist Repsac3 Sees Conspiracy of 'Phony' Protest

"Perhaps readers will feel sorry for him, as apparently Walter James Casper III is a dead man walking, with a debilitating heart condition, but it's just sad that he's losing his cognitive faculties as well.

Thousands turned out for the protest march I covered last weekend in Los Angeles. See the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, "Pro-Palestinian protest in Westwood draws thousands, causes Wilshire to shut down."

Never mind that, though. It turns out that near-death Repsac3, in his diminished capacity, is bizarrely warping reality in his ongoing demonization efforts and hate-mongering. It was a "phony" protest, or something:"

An interesting theory as posted, but obviously an outright lie--provided one doesn't "neglect" to include the parent tweet the way Donald seemingly chose to, for reasons I leave to the reader to determine, of course:
Right... It wasn't me who called the protest phony (or "phoney"), but Donald's erstwhile friend MadJewessWoman. So if Donald truly believes anyone's seeing a "conspiracy of phony protest" or "losing their cognitive faculties," based on calling the protest he attended phony, well...it ain't me Donald's insulting. It's his friend, MJW.

And for what it's worth, as far as MadJewessWoman goes, I have to say I agree with him...

"Well, we know Repsac hates Israel and the Jews --- given his long history of tweeting support for the racist Occupy Wall Street movement, not to mention his tweets backing the Jew-hating BDS movment --- so his conspiracies are all of a piece. Right in line with this old man urging Muslims to stand up and blame the Jews for the September 11 attacks. Yep, this is what Reppy's all about:"
It's no surprise that Donald makes these claims without ever citing or screencapping the posts or tweets where I say anything anti-Semitic or racist or conspiratorial. He doesn't because he can't. Donald wants me to be those things, so he just makes it up out of whole cloth and hopes his readers will believe him just because he said it. (Sadly, a few probably do, but there's no point in arguing with anyone too stupid to require evidence. Let people like that believe as they will; sooner or later they'll drown in a rainstorm from looking up too long, and good riddance when they do.)

The fact is there are no tweets supporting BDS--in fact I don't support that movement, and never have--and while I did once post a tweet saying "Occupy Wherever You Are," it's quite the implausible stretch for Donald to imply that that tweet is in any way racist...not that the implausibility of his...well, "conspiracy theories" regarding me have ever stopped him before...

Without evidence it's just Donald talking, and his claims are worth every penny you paid to read him making them... 'nuff said.
Repsac3 started trolling me over six years ago, upset that I was paying no attention to him, and he's never given up. That is some obsession. His stalking hate-blog is now members-only, but he continues to troll my online presence relentlessly, and at this point it's actually clinical and perverted. The dude should give it up and take care of his health, enjoy whatever remainder of time he has on this good green earth.

And most of all, he should just disassociate with the racist anti-Israel protesters he's been reaching out to. Seriously, these are terrible people. Liars and racists. Too bad for Reppy, but it's come to this in his twilight.

First off, anyone following those links will note that they go to another guy's blog post from 2008. (Yes, 2008. That right there should tell you just about all you need to know about what we're dealing with.)
If that isn't enough though, Donald obviously fails to comprehend the meaning of my comments. I was trying to goad Donald into responding to my arguments, not telling him I was feeling lonely. (If you don't spell it out for him...) Follow the links and decide for yourself whether Donald's suggestion that I was "upset" because he was "paying no attention" to me holds any water. (And while you're there, you might also notice who followed who to that blog post, at least based on the order of the comments... Donald talks a good game, but the evidence is seldom in his favor...which is why he so seldom bothers to offer any...)

Second, he fails to explain how a "stalking hate-blog" can even be a "stalking hate-blog" when no one--including Donald--can read it, (and didn't he whine for years that I must "TAKE. IT. DOWN"?) or how in the hell I'm trolling his online presence without ever addressing him--as near as I can figure it, he thinks he owns the people he talks to or about, thus making those people and topics off-limits to bloggers with whom he disagrees; both of which make him sound crazy.

The sad fact is that Donald thinks that anyone who dares disagree with him over the internet is a stalker &/or a troll. There are countless blog posts and tweets where he repeatedly proves this. In that regard, Donald needs to grow up, or at least grow a thicker skin. Like it or not, people are going to disagree with the things he posts, sometimes to his face. Calling them trolls or stalkers doesn't prove anything except that Donald is a little paranoid.
That he sees me as some kinda mortal enemy who controls "henchmen" and forces them to mistreat Donald online and off is obvious to anyone who reads his many screeds about me. As far as THAT goes, I don't even know what to say; It's at least as crazy as it sounds, and yeah, it sounds fucking nuts (and way more than just a little paranoid), even to me.

I commented on his blog. When he didn't like that anymore, I posted on my own blog, discussing his take on one issue or another. When he attacked me by name in screeds like the one I'm replying to, I responded to those on my blog, too...just like I'm doing now. Sometimes we travel in the same political circles, discussing the same topics and/or talking to the same people. These are the things Donald calls "stalking," "harassment," and "trolling." I'm sorry these things so disturb him, but he really ought to get over it, because it ain't going to change. Much as he may wish it were otherwise, he's not going to intimidate away those with whom he disagrees no matter how loudly he screams "TROLL!!!," so he really ought to try to find away to cope with everyone disagreeing with him, online and off.

Finally, I'd ask Donald where he got the idea I was dying any time soon--I have to assume it isn't from laughing myself to death over his endlessly ridiculous claims about me, though one really does never know--but the chances of his offering any evidence in support of that bullshit claim are pretty much nil, as well. Suffice to say he is indeed lying. I assume that comes as no surprise given the rest of this post, but just to confirm: I am not dying; Donald is once again lying.

Life's too short to put up with the willfully stupid:
Twitter / BlissTabitha: Thousands March Against Israel ...
Twitter / Dnoles1611: "@BlissTabitha: Thousands March ...
Twitter / itz_ehmohbee: #worldwide Thousands March ...
Twitter / thatMrGguy: Thousands March Against Israel ...
Twitter / thatMrGguy: Thousands March Against Israel ... (Yeah, he actually reblogged it, too.)
Twitter / AceNewsServices: Thousands March Against Israel ...

Bad news for MadJewessWoman, since many of these bloggers claim to be her friend... Just sayin'

(OTOH, I wouldn't be surprised if MJW retweets "Doug's" post herself... In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all...)


Kevin Robbins said...

James, glad to hear that you're not dying, at least no faster than the rest of us are. Can't believe Donald had that wrong. Maybe his mind-reading act is wrong, too. I see he says MJW was being facetious in calling the protests phony (perhaps that's what the "e" signified). And you were being serious. Otherwise, I haven't followed the story. Too little time, too many outrages nowadays.

I'll see you back at the secret Donald-proof HQ, where we'll continue plotting against him with the rest of the henchmen. And yes, I realize he will take that seriously.

alwafaa campany said...
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