Friday, June 12, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 6/11/09


Coverage of the Holocaust Museum shooting (or more specifically, the lack of it) on the TV "videoblog" of the right. - Where was FoxNews?

There just are no words.. "AmericanNeoCon" Donald Douglas envisions himself the real victim, here...


Exposing a few of the more nutty wingnuts on the right, ladies edition - at-Largely: Debbie Schlussel finds a way to blame Muslims for today's shooting...

When Shepherd Smith starts making sense... - A Civil War Breaks Out On Fox News over the Holocaust Museum Shooting |

According to a few of the deeper darker deranged denizens of Right Blogistan, Joan Walsh hates Jew people. - Letters: Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder? - Salon (Of course, I'm sure they think I do, too.)

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