Friday, June 26, 2009

X-post: Sarah, Trig, and Eddie, the HRSBTNGBTBRWGB H8R

American Nihilist X-post

I don't want to tell and the wingnut echo chamber (Yeah, that last one is, predictably, a PUMA site) what to do or nothin', but wingnut ladies and gents, the last thing your 2012 candidate needs is yet another manufactured outrage to make her look like she's everlastingly playing the "poor me" card. It's hard enough just being a female candidate playing in a male dominated world, without you folks making her look weak by throwing these serial pity parties for her. And besides, Sarah Palin is so bad on the merits, that these dirty tricks and personal attacks you folks are endlessly alleging on her behalf really are unnecessary.

Photo & further info, courtesy of The Mudflats - Anchorage Assembly on Ordinance 64. Round IV - Pictures

UPDATE: In a most excellent post, JBW of Brain Rage expounds on this further, including the photos in question. (Rather than stealing the whole post, I only swiped the photo. Nevertheless, I strongly urge you to check out his post, which is frankly, better than mine. {Damned non-nihilist nihilist!}):

The only way this could be worse would be if Sarah Palin's office took the bait and... ...oh... nevermind... Statement on the desecration of photo of Governor Palin and baby Trig

Yeah... When Sarah gets involved, it shows where her priorities are... and where they aren't. (Doesn't the Governor have any actual work to do?)

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