Friday, June 26, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 6/25/09

Blog Posts:

THE SWASH ZONE: Iran Elections: Quit Turning Your Twitter Avatars Green And Do Something

American Nihilist: Sarah, Trig, and Eddie, the HRSBTNGBTBRWGB H8R


There was a whole lot less manufactured outrage (in fact, none that I can find) when it was LettermanTrig...:
American Power: Democratic Values! Left-Wing Alaska Operative "Ghoulshops' Trig Palin!
This photoshop no more represents "Democratic Values!" than the photoshop & joke on Chris' site represents "Republican Values!" It's just a few idiots with overly partisan feelings, a nasty streak, and too much time on their hands...:
American Power: Democratic Values! Left-Wing Alaska Operative "Ghoulshops" Trig Palin!

I don't have time to decide... I'm clicking boxes, man...:
Is This Post About Fractals or Procrastination? - Ideas Special Report

The Palin Faux Outrage of the Weak:
Immoderate Monk (If I'm not mistaken, Sister Toldjah is the first blog since I started cross-posting moderated comments to Immoderate Monk, to not approve my comment. There's cowards, and then there's COWARDS, I guess...)

I'm not nearly as sure as you that one's body should take precedence over one's mind in these situations, or that one must present visible physical anomalies to have legitimate issues--and since there is seemingly reliable medical opinions supporting either "matching the mind to the body" via therapy, and "matching the body to the mind", via surgery (in adulthood) theories, I think it should be up to the parents and the kids to decide, without much input from outside observers with political axes to grind--but I appreciate that you read the piece & got back to me, anyway...:
American Power: Protecting the Transgendered, Normalizing Deviancy? (Damn... That's one serious run-on sentence...)

The Right's Misogynistic Hatred?
Misogyny... Only disgusting to some, when it's scatological, I guess...:
American Power: Palin Hits Back at"Malicious" Photoshop of Son Trig

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