Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 6/15/09


I must be hittin' too close to home...:
American Power: Social Network Stalking? Grace Explosion Gone, Repsac3 Lurking... (x2--or 3, if you care about a simple beat down of a guy who, in retrospect, wasn't even worth that.)

Limiting the responsibility of people who commit bad acts, by labeling them mentally unwell, and "the zealotry of the turncoat":
American Power: Rovian Islamism? Sullivan Equates Bush Administration, Sarah Palin to Iranian Thuggery!

Different post, same message:
American Power: Politicizing Gun Murders

"Maybe it's an insult that you have to actually be a neoconservative to see...":
American Power: Rupert Murdoch to Sell Weekly Standard

Let go of the "group" mindset...
Immoderate Monk

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