Monday, June 15, 2009

X-post: Donald "Folks need to be careful about their allegiances" Douglas, and his enemies list

American Nihilist X-post

There's little doubt that this bjkeefe character (and Roy Edroso, who tipped him off) are, or soon will be, on Donald's "naughty" list. (I'll be making sure they're on ours, in anticipation of that inevitability):
Following a link (curse you, Roy Edroso!) to American Power, we see that college perfesser Donald Douglas is among the howlers of Wingnuttia trying to convince themselves that the neo-Nazi shooter at the Holocaust Museum was actually a liberal run amok. (No, really.) Where others have mostly been content just to parrot this stream of bullshit, Douglas unleashes a torrent in the process of expanding his already stupefyingly long enemies list.


The gist of Douglas's fumings? "Folks need to be careful about their allegiances."

In his profile, Douglas says about himself: "… in friendship, you'll find no one more dignified, trustworthy, nor loyal."

Allegiances. Friendship. Nice words, aren't they? I'll spare you the obvious nod to Mr. Orwell, and just observe that this is what the wingnut urge to purify has come to.

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(Because after all... Isn't helping the professor maintain & keep track of his ever-growing "people I hate, and you should, too" list (see our blogroll, for just some of 'em)--a list which is increasingly including people who foolishly believe they're working on *his* side of the political spectrum, often for the same social causes and political outcomes that Donald himself is-- the real purpose of this blog?)

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