Monday, June 15, 2009

X-Post: Donald Douglas Calls Salon's Joan Walsh A Pro-Choice Extremist

American Nihilist X-post

I already responded to the match-up between Walsh & O'Reilly in several places ([here] and [here], to point out two), but I was really taken aback by Professor Douglas' headline in his post/hit piece on the subject: American Power: O'Reilly Hammers Pro-Choice Extremist Joan Walsh!. In light of recent events and the ongoing discussion & debates about political extremism here in America, is it really very smart to be tossing that word at run of the mill political opponents, right now?

For a guy who seems to have trouble accepting that there is such a thing as "right wing extremism" or that this von Brunn character was and is an example of it, he sure is pretty free with using the word "extremist" to label a mainstream and widely respected liberal writer...

I posit that it is this very demonization of political opponents and "up-is-down" redefinition of terms that coarsens our political culture and makes us lose respect for each other as fellow American citizens.

I feel sorry for Donald, having to live with and around those he so hates... I really do. I can't imagine what it must be like to believe that every liberal is a "nihilist extremist," bent on destroying the center-right country he so loves (Well, loves except for all those liberals who populate it, o'course...)

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