Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Reply: Driving While Honduran, the squeakquel (and moderation)

In reply to the following comment: "If Elias Garcia had been properly deported to Honduras for breaking the law, this crime and others like it would never have happened." - Long Island Loses - Youth for Western Civilization

Well sure, but that's just one "if" among many... The same would be true:
if he was a better driver
if he (or the victims) had stopped to eat at Burger King, so they weren't on that same road at the same time
if his vehicle had broken down
if he'd been at work

The thing with playing the "what if" game is that there's a million variations, and none of them express much in the way of truth... While it's a great game to play if you're trying to find a new solution to an old problem, it's no help in relaying a news story describing actual events.

Shoehorning the immigration issue onto a hit and run accident--as though being illegal has any bearing on how one drives, or for that matter one's morals--really isn't necessary, and worse, clouds what are real problems with having too many people who don't belong here in the US.

And for the record, deleting the comments of those with whom you disagree is kinda cowardly. You called those folks at "Long Island Wins" out, and they each responded with their side of the story--which to me, seemed pretty reasonable, by the way. They write about the immigration issue, and their whole point--and mine, as well--is that this accident has nothing to do with the perp's immigration status, just as it wouldn't if he was native born, and the girls were illegal... ...or if Elias Garcia had been the bystander who chased the native-born perp down. (Show that he ran 'em down because of his status or theirs, and I'd be right there with you. But simply having an illegal involved doesn't make an issue an illegal immigration issue. It just doesn't...)

To call them out, but then delete their comments when they answer your call--and answer their comments after deleting them, besides--makes it look like you're afraid to take them on in a fair exchange of ideas.

It's your blog, and you can certainly moderate for content if you like, but as far as I'm concerned, it makes you look like you lack strength in your convictions. (And yeah, I know what my saying this likely means for my own comment(s)...)

Posted Tuesday, 25 May 2010 15:55 (Western Youth blog time)

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