Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Reply: There's something to be said for staying in one's home country and improving conditions there...

In reply to Pat Young, at the Long Island Wins post, Dozens Arrested at Immigration Civil Disobedience in Chicago, who wrote (in response to a sliver of a previous comment I made, quoted below):
You wrote:
"I believe people born in other lands should want the rights we have, but (and?) should fight to achieve them where they live by changing their own governments, as we did.)"
I don't know about you, but my ancestors changed the government they lived under (English rule in Ireland) by moving here.
Well sure... Leaving one's home country is one way to change the bad circumstances under which one lives, but there is also something to be said for staying and fighting those bad circumstances in one's own home country, the way some of your ancestors and mine did by fighting in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, for women's suffrage, for civil rights for blacks... ...and continue to do so today for the right of homosexuals to enter into legal unions and openly serve in the military, and on and on...

(I suspect that you did understand my intended meaning, but just in case, there it is... While leaving sometimes becomes necessary, I believe that people in other countries who want US freedoms and opportunities ought to struggle to create and maintain as many of them as they can in their own home countries... ...with US help whenever possible.)

Do you disagree?
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In reply: There has to be a line between "American" and "not American," "legal" and "not legal"

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