Monday, May 24, 2010

In Reply: A Single (Dem/'pubbie) Victory in a Single State Race Doesn’t Change Anything.

In reply to: American Power: Republican Charles Djou Wins Hawaii Special Election: From Obama's Home District!, and in particular, the following passage:
William Galston, a left-leaning analyst, reiterates some points I made last week on the Critz win in PA-12, "A Single Democratic Victory in a Single Pennsylvania Race Doesn’t Change Anything."

So now that Republican Charles Djou has won in Hawaii, let's see how long it takes for the rest of the Democratic Media Complex to get honest and catch up with reality.

The difference of course is that there were many Republican bloggers and talking heads hailing the PA race as a bellweather of things to come... ...right up until the moment they realized that the Republican wasn't winning, when it became "just one teeny-tiny PA house race, that means nothing."

Show a similar number of folks ('pubbie or Dem) attaching the same importance to the HI race at any point in the process, and you'd actually be making a comparison.

The real issue, though, is one of consistency: Rather than making blanket statements about the "Democratic Media Complex" in the first place, why not compare/contrast what individual people left and right said before the race about it's political significance throughout the country with what those same people said afterwards.

For the record, I agree with Don's take, and acknowledge that he has been more or less consistent, throughout... 99% of all politics is local, so while I'm happier when the more liberal candidate in a given race wins and sadder when the more conservative candidate does, (and Cons feel just the opposite) I don't take either as a sign of anything broader than the confines of the constituency and circumstances in which the individual race took place.

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