Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CENSORED Needs Your Vote!!

UPDATE 5/26/10: Due to unforeseen circumstances involving CENSORED's job, she is unable to compete in the contest this post was about, and has requested that her friends sever all photos, videos, and other links between her and anything involving the contest in question. While I think it's a damned shame, I have no choice but to comply out of loyalty to her.

While I'd like to say plenty more about the backward-ass, holier-than-thou individuals and groups who are making this necessary, I shall refrain, again out of loyalty to my friend.

If you dig the pretty pictures, please help this beautiful lady by casting your vote for her in the LINK CENSORED contest.


While some of the professional models and post-teen teasers are pretty, my buddy CENSORED is the real-deal gal next door, and the only one in the contest who 1) entered herself, 2) owns the car she's enhancing with her presence, and 3) had her photos taken by the lucky bastard who married her.

And yes... While I think she's smokin' hot, period, she really is a "granny," too... seeing her win this thing against all those professional lookers and college girls would be extra special sweet.

So please... Enjoy the pictures, and then click that CENSORED link. Vote early, vote often. Vote. You know you want to... Do it. Vote.

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