Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Reply: Are Union Workers And Supporters Not Loyal Americans?

In reply to the following post: Preparing for Revolution - The Lonely Conservative:
A liberal blogging troll accused Donald Douglas of making things up, and denied that any communists were present. As if the video above isn’t proof enough.
Had you gone to his blog, you'd've noticed that that "liberal troll" actually pointed out where Donald lied--He claimed the woman said something she did not say--and never claimed that no communists were present. (Perhaps one could count that as another lie from Donald. I know I do.)

Here's the link, and the relevant quotes: American Niiiiihilist: Donald Wets Himself In Fear Of "Cooooomunists!!!"

1) "Now first off, the lady never 'speaks about how 'all of our members' are up every morning organizing for the dictatorship of the proletariat.' Watch the video as many times as you need to... She neither uses those words or expresses that sentiment. As so often happens, Donald Douglas is lying, and hoping his readership is too stupid to notice..."

2) "Let's be clear. There are communists here in America. And yes, there are some Socialists, like the pair in the propaganda video. There are probably a few Stalinists, even."
Does the blogging troll who bashed Prof. Douglas honestly believe that the revolutionary communists aren’t ideological allies with the protesters in Wisconsin?
The "blogging troll" believes that the revolutionary communists have their own reasons for supporting the union folks... but that supporting unions is not inherently a communist act, even if communists happen to believe it'll "bring about the glorious revolution," or whatever. There are a whole lot of good and loyal capitalists who are union members and supporters, as well, and in all the years of union work here in the US, the vast majority of us are still "capitalist swine," which tells me that the revolutionary communists (and those on the right who seem to think the country is one union shop away from Marxism) are dead wrong.
I appreciate your asking.

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