Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Reply: Words Mean Things

In reply to the following comment at The Lonely Conservative post Preparing for Revolution:
"Hi Casper, I would have linked to your post, but I heard you’re a stalker, so I didn’t. The video above isn’t the only video showing Marxists at these protests, as you know, since the video you reference features different Marxists, with a table full of revolutionary propaganda. But hey, I guess we’re all just imagining things."
and a little bit o' this one, as well:

I'm sorry, Lonely, but you seem to be trying to prove something that isn't in dispute. Did you not see where I said in my initial post (& quoted here) that there are communists/Marxists/socialists here in America, and in WI specifically? You're kinda misstating my argument in both this and the other post where you discuss what I'm alleged to've said. (And I trust that it isn't "trolling" to respond to a post where you've made me the subject.)

If you folks really tried, you could probably record and post videos of what, 50-75 representatives of c/M/s groups and organizations handing out flyers in Madison. But in proportion to the number of people there in favor of union rights, those are still pretty small numbers. The majority, by like 1000 to 1, are capitalists and members of one or the other of the two major political parties here in the US (admittedly Democrats, for the most part.)

I can appreciate your concerns regarding the stalker bit--your friend Donald paints quite the picture, and if one actually trusts him, I can see where one might be wary... But if you're going to discuss what someone says or believes, you probably ought to quote them actually expressing it, so that you don't accidentally misstate their position in your description. (And for the record, I'm pretty certain that the definition of "troll" does not include responding to someone's post on one's own blog... or that "spammer" includes repeating a comment one makes at a blog run by someone else on one's own blog, either.)

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