Thursday, February 24, 2011

X-Post: Guilty as charged.

An American Niiiiihilist X-post

American Power: Communist REPSAC = CASPER Takes Umbrage?

"Actually, no one's taken "umberage" at anything, since there's no such think as "umberage." In fact, REPSAC = CASPER obviously stayed up all night writing yet another obsessive screed and blew off editing this nonsense. One passage is worth quoting here:"(Click on tiny screencap to embiggen)

On this occasion, Donald is quite correct. There is in fact, no such "think" as umberage. I am guilty of not editing prior to posting. (But apparently, I'm not the only one... Wonder if Donalde's excuse will be that he stayed up all night pecking out his nonsense, and thus blew off editing?)

And just to drive the message home, here's one I caught in a post yesterday (which is still not fixed as of this posting at 7:07am EDT on 2/23)):
American Power: "A Liberal Progressive Blogging Troll Accused Donald Douglas of Making Things Up, and Denied That Any Communists Were Present"
"Well, to be accurate the video was proof only that a 'pair' of communists were on hand, but it's true that REPSAC = CASPER is so blinkered by hate he literally can't think. The place was crawling with commies, as I showed at my response.

When will Donald learn that just about every time he tries to call someone stupid in one of his posts, he does something pretty damned foolish himself within one sentence or so of saying it? The "my response" link in his post doesn't actually go to Donald's response. The man was obviously so blinkered by hate, he literally couldn't keep his links straight.

The bottom line is, Muphry's Law is absolute. Eventually Donald will figure out that it's probably smarter for him not to climb up on that high horse of his to criticize others for spelling errors or other minor proofreading/editing infractions... He falls flat on his ass every time he does.

(Besides... Everyone on the innernets and intertubes thinks grammar/spelling cops are douchebags... I'm just sayin'...)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some editing to do...

Added 2/25/11: In the comments below, Donald seems pretty intent on being sure everyone knows that last July, he not only spelled another "nihilist" "communist" "hatemonger" blogger's name wrong in one of his many attack screeds, but that he did so two different ways (both wrong) in the space of two sentences. Fair enough: At Lawyers, Guns, and Money, on July 15, 2010 at 9:09 pm, SEK says: "And his response is just sad. I don’t mind if he spells my name wrong, but it offends the profession when he spells it differently twice in two sentences."

And yes, as Donald has repeatedly pointed out below, I did indeed reply to SEK's comment by saying: "AmNeo’s spelling/grammar/typo errors are become legendary. And as per his usual modus operandi, all such verbal errors are only fodder for partisan attack when they are committed by his oh so many enemies… It must be a ‘pubbie/Con thing… It’s always different when THEY do it…"

Now, I'm not quite sure why he feels this is so important (because as far as I'm concerned, it makes him look like even more of an asshole), but there you are...

Actually, the funniest thing about my "legendary" link (particularly in light of his comments about my failure to proofread my post) is how Donald blithely explains away his own error: "I had forgotten to proofread before going out to the bookstore, but hey, you really got me."

You really got me (and of course, Bawahahahahahahahaa!!!) indeed... Like I said in my July comment, it's all different when THEY do it... Fuckin' hypocrite.

Extra bonus: If you scroll down just a little from my "legendary" comment in that LGM post, you can read where Donald threatens SEK with a little of that famous workplace harassment regarding Scott's blog post. Yes, Donald Douglas, offended by what Scott wrote, threatens to contact the university where Scott is employed to complain about what Scott wrote on his blog... Hypocrisy, thy name is and ever shall be Douglas...

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