Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Reply: Donald Douglas Dishonesty Spreads...

In reply to an added blurb in the post "Zilla of the Resistance: New Death Threats from Islamic Supremacists and their Islamoblow Enablers Show How Much They CAIR," in which the author says:
Update: Last month I posted in support of my friend Donald Douglas, who runs the American Power blog, who has, for years, been under relentless attack by hateful leftists who have even gone so far as to try to get him fired from his job - simply because they disagree with his political opinions. Donald has a new post up today that is horrifying and stomach churning: now the sick freaks are talking about wanting to rape Donald's wife.. There is no level of depravity too low for the cretinous enemies of free speech to sink to in its unyielding mission to intimidate those whose opinions they disagree with into silence. Absolutely disgusting.

My reply:

Contrary to Donald's assertions, no one associated with W James Casper (repsac3) or the American Nihilist blog has ever suggested harming Donald Douglas, anyone in his family, or anyone he knows... While support of your friend Dr Douglas is admirable, buying into and regurgitating his nonsense without any proof of his specious claims from either his site or yours is disappointing, to say the least.

While I know Donald will never do any such thing, I believe Zilla to be more honest. I therefore request that she please quote and/or link to this supposed threat against Mrs. Douglas, or update this post again to reflect the fact that no such threat exists...

It isn't a fact just because someone (anyone) claims it is... Please look at the facts, and decide for yourselves...

Posted Saturday, 11/26/2011, 06:11 PM (and disappointingly, removed from view by the moderator on Sunday, mid-day, so as not to make her friend Donald Douglas "uncomfortable," as the truth so often does. To her credit, however, the woman did stop repeating at least a few of Donald's lies as a result of this comment... ...though others still remain posted there, including a few by this moderator's own hand. The truth is optional sometimes, especially where friendship and / or a shared political point of view is concerned...)

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