Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Reply: Instead Of Fighting About The Winter Holidays, CELEBRATE Them...

In reply to Rhode Island Outraged Over “Holiday Tree” | FOX News And Commentary: Todd Starnes

After reading all the other comments (and making one, myself) all I can say is I wish you all a Merry Christmas AND a Happy Hanukkah, AND a beautiful solstice, and that's to say nothing of Kwanzaa, Festivus, HumanLight, and all the other December to remember holidays and celebrations open to you, one way or another... Whatever sacred and/or secular traditions you personally follow, I hope you take a moment to enjoy each of these holidays and give a thought to the people that do celebrate the ones you don't... They deserve a happy holiday just as much as you do, and it'd be a far better world if we could share our traditions with the folks not like us, rather than playing silly one-upsmanship games... The fact that we are a pluralistic multi-ethnic, multi- religious society is one of America's great strengths... But only if we're willing to teach and to learn and to relish our similarities and allow for our differences... (For the record, I'm pretty sure ol Link was just trying to be inclusive, not diss the tree or Christianity... It IS a Christmas tree, but it's also just one part of a pretty religiously and secularly crowded holiday season, and I think it's a pretty good idea for everyone to recognize that...)

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