Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Reply: Whose Tree Is It, Anyway...

In reply to Rhode Island Outraged Over “Holiday Tree” | FOX News And Commentary: Todd Starnes

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the whole decorating of evergreens was a Yule tradition, not a Christian one... ...and it's mighty funny to watch these christian traditionalists argue in favor of such a pagan tradition... (On the other hand, most folks of all faiths do recognize that even though it was once a pagan tradition, a decked out evergreen IS generally known as a Christmas tree, these days... Rather than changing the name of the tree, places prolly ought to have holiday lighting ceremonies, where they light the tree, and a menorah, and a crèche, and whatever other sacred and secular decorations the locality intends to display on behalf--and for the enjoyment of--the residents. This whole "war on Christmas" thing is a silly distraction meant to divide us... And sadly, it seems to work every time...)

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Posted 11/30/11, 12:04 AM

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