Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Reply: "Bad behavior by the two Muslim students doesn't excuse Paul Derengowski's own bad behavior."

In reply to the following comment at the post Professor resigns after Muslim students disrupt class - Inside Higher Ed:
Gsmith says
"His Website is horrendous--slanted mischaracterizations of atheists and others that makes no attempt to be neutral or respectful to different viewpoints. However, it appears that the instructor is in the right as to the classroom incident. If he was only reading from the Koran, then the students had no right to disrupt his class. They should have handled it differently."

But shouldn't the former professor have handled it differently, too? Reports suggest that these two students were disruptive for an HOUR... What kind of professor loses control of his class for an HOUR, without doing something about it? (Ask the disruptive students to leave the class, cancel the class and dismiss everyone, call campus security and have the disruptive students removed, ..., ...) It seems to me his classroom management skills were lacking, to say the least.

And after having been to his website and reading his L-O-N-G "Why I quit" resignation post in particular, I have serious questions about his professional and personal ethics, as well. It's a vindictive, bigoted, self-serving "name and shame" attack on the two Muslim students and on his former college administrators that suggests the man lacks the temperament needed to work and play well with others in an educational setting. Even now, he's recruiting "anti-Jihad" bloggers and others who agree with him religiously or politically to write or call TCC administrators up and down the chain in support of him and his cause, posting a list of administration names, addresses and phone numbers...

Based on the accounts I've read, the two Muslim students did behave poorly, both in class and subsequently. But I don't believe that their behavior mitigates or absolves Mr. Derengowski of his own behaviors and attitudes after the fact.

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