Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Reply: "I believe in religious freedom, even for faiths that I don't personally subscribe to..." (Paul Derengowski)

In reply to the following comment at the post TCC professor's lecture on Islam stirs controversy - Star-Telegram:

Gromet sez:
Would you please tell us which muslim countries allow Christian churches, Jewish temples, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, Sheik places of worship, or any places of worship other than Islam to be built? Sure there are churches in Lebanon, but they have to have their own militias to protect them, and the new Muslim Brotherhood rulers in Egypt are starting to burn the Coptic churches there (which have existed for hundreds of years before there was an Islam.)
Tell me specifically where I am wrong in the statements above - one-by-one.......

Pretty sure I answered your question before you ever asked it there, Gromet... Those countries generally do not allow other faiths to be practiced, and the leaders responsible for that are discriminatory bigots...

...But it seems to me that folks fighting against mosques here in this country--or boycotting businesses that advertise during a reality show depicting actual American Muslims behaving pretty normally, and decidedly NOT like terrorists or terrorist sympathizers--are kinda following in their footsteps, ideologically speaking. (No, there are no death sentences, and buildings aren't burning down, but that's a matter of degree, not intent.)

I live here in America, and I believe in religious freedom, even for faiths that I don't personally subscribe to... ...and as an American, I expect everyone else here to stand for the same American freedoms that I do... I fail to see what's unclear about that.

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