Thursday, December 15, 2011

X-Post: Dishonest Donald Douglas Lash-Out/Lie of the Day for Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the post American Power: Orange County Chick-fil-A Cashier Fired for Racist 'Ching' and 'Chong' Receipts, a post about a cashier at a CA fast food place who typed "Ching" or "Chong" into the name slot on two occasions when she had an Asian customer, Dishonest Donald Douglas tries to gratuitously shoehorn my name into the post and then tell lies about me by adding the following:
I can't believe people like that. But you have to stand up against that kind of racism and bigotry. Unfortunately, progressive racism of the same stripe is pretty common online. I discussed it at Zilla's in the comments regarding the disgusting bigotry of Walter James "Racist" Casper III.
To review, this is what Dishonest Don alleged in that comment section regarding my supposed racism:
Repsac is also racist. He's stated previously that he first identifies people by race or ethnic background then treats them (segregates them) accordingly. I ---- we ---- treat people as individuals with dignity.
Of course he provides no link or quote, leaving folks to either trust him just on his word (which as this blog has repeatedly shown by example and citation, isn't worth shit), or investigate for themselves what the fuck he may be talking (which is to say, lying) about...

This was my response at the time:
(I think what Dishonest Don was/is crying "raaaaacist" about in the comment cited above is the situation discussed/linked to at #3. Unless/until Dishonest Donald Douglas is willing to more specifically pinpoint the conversation he's lying about, I have to assume it's that one...):
* As near as I can figure it, Donald's racism charge, first launched after I called him out for bigoted posts like these, amounts to the following:

1) I didn't believe a comment made about Donald Douglas' celtic-sounding name and "swarthy" complexion was racist...

2) I called a black man a clown because I disagreed with something he said...


3) I said that it is not racist to mention--or even talk about--race... ...and as an example, said that it would not be racist for another professor to describe Dr. Douglas as "a grey-haired black man wearing a blue suit with a red tie, who was likely to be dining in the south quad cafeteria at this hour" to a new student or professor who had never met the man. Apparently, taking any notice of skin color or other "racial" feature is evidence that one judges people based on their ethnic or racial background. (And lest there be any confusion, this was a part of Donald's comment in reply: " welcome people who see me first as a black man and not a man." Yeah... Really.)

Time since Dishonest Don's previous lash-out/lie: 17 hours

(Poor Donald couldn't even make it a whole day without lashing out with some kinda lie... It's almost like he's flirting with me... (If I had pigtails, Dishonest Donald Douglas would be sticking them in the inkwell... ...and I gotta say, it's getting really creepy that he cannot seem to control himself...)

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