Thursday, December 08, 2011

X-Post: That Dishonest Donald Douglas Has To Lie About The Folks He Hates Should Tell You All You Need To Know About Who He Is

When they have to lie about what you say or stand for, they've already lost the fight. You know it, I know it, and when it comes right down to it, they know it too...

"That is the complete rejection of values, decency, restraint and traditionalism. And that's the core of the Occupy Wall Street societal agenda. No gender recognition. Pairing sexually with whomever it feels right and good, damn world historical norms of propriety and protection of the most vulnerable. As we saw in New York, women were unsafe at the Zuccotti Park encampment. They had to self-segregate to protect themselves against being raped. But that's all part of the movement, and no doubt man-boy love and polygamy as well, and only God knows what else. This is of course the end stage of the progressive agenda. This is what creepy radical leftists like Walter James Casper III endorse when they pump out brainless tweets exhorting commies, druggies, and hippies to "Occupy wherever you are." It's criminal. It's nihilist. It's deathly."
Donald--who says he supports full rights for gay Americans (as long as they don't act "gay," or try to use those rights to legally marry in the eyes of the state...or God forbid, knit)--equates homosexuals and those who believe that the government shouldn't treat them any differently than straight folks, with pedophilia and support for man-boy love--(no bigotry there, right?), then--finding some out there website that questions societal norms, and also supports the Occupy movement (and note what I said: THEY support Occupy; there is ZERO indication that Occupy supports THEM, except in Dr. Douglas' fevered imagination)--equates his straw man fake gay/pedophilia rights movement with the Occupy movement, and damns everyone to Hell based on connections he made up out of whole cloth.

In every movement, there are fringe players and groups who want to piggyback on the whole to advance their own causes. The Tea Party wasn't racist, but there were racist players associated with it. Folks opposed to abortion are overwhelmingly good people who just believe something different than I do... ...but there are folks who were willing to murder doctors and patients and blow up buildings in support of their cause. The people at Dishonest Donald Douglas' "Free Society" website say they support the Occupy movement, and maybe they do--but they no more speak for the movement than Donald speaks for mainstream conservatives. Generalizing about the whole of a movement by pointing to the fringe hangers on is dishonest... ...and everyone, including Donald, damned well knows it.

And by this point it should go without saying that the reason Donald doesn't actually show that his accusations about me have any merit at all--say, with quotes, links, or citations--is because he cannot. As is so often the case, Donald's arguments against me require him to make shit up, and then attack his own lies. The fact of the matter is, for all his bluster and bullshit, the only one talking about man-boy love or pedophilia is Donald Douglas... ...and perhaps folks ought to be asking themselves why...)

When they have to lie about what you say and stand for, they've already lost.

By that standard, dishonest Donald Douglas lost long, long ago.

While folks like Donald Douglas seem eager to hide what those he disagrees with have to say by moderating his comment sections for content and limiting the number of verbatim quotes, citations, and links he uses when blogging, I want nothing more than to give folks every opportunity to read exactly what Dr. Douglas has to say, in all of it's contextual glory, and thus will quote and link to his exact words as often as I can...

Everyone please, go look at Donald Douglas, and particularly at the post(s) in question. Read everything he has to say. Weigh his arguments--as well as the arguments of those who disagree with him, of course--judge as fairly as your conscience allows you to, and come to your own conclusions.

I ask for nothing more.

And I ask for nothing less.

An American Nihilist x-post

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