Wednesday, December 14, 2011

X-Post: Dishonest Donald Douglas Lash-Out/Lie of the Day for Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the post American Power: Occupy Wall Street to Attend Capitol Hill Meeting Chaired by Congressional Progressive Caucus, Dishonest Donald Douglas gratuitously adds the following:

Real revolutionary communists to meet with real congressional communists, despite the lies of their progressive enablers. See: "Communist REPSAC = CASPER Takes Umbrage?"
While the text contained in Dishonest Don's screengrab at his link pretty much exposes Donald's lie all by itself, I also responded when he first made the post... ...last February. (This was during his "communist as meaningless pseudo-political epithet of the month" phase, and thus everyone and everything he disagreed with became "Communist." Like most of his meaningless epithets, post-"nihilist," it didn't last long...)

The gist was (and is, in this current post, as well) Donald finds a picture or mention of 5-10 individuals representing the American Communist Party or some similar group handing out fliers or whatever at a large liberal rally or protest, and tries to convince folks that their presence conclusively proves everyone at the rally is a closet Marxist or Stalinist.

Time since Dishonest Donald Douglas' previous lash-out/lie: 52 hours

An American Nihilist x-post

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