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d'X-Post: Despairingly Desperate, Dishonest Donald Douglas Digs Deep

Desperate to lash out, Dishonest Don once again dips his dick in the "guilt by association" inkwell to brand me a "small c Communist," or some such thing....

In a post ostensibly about an inaugural ball being thrown by Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now program--wherein Dr Douglas proceeds to label everyone involved and their mothers "radicals" and "Communists," (so what else is new?)--Dishonest Don searches my twitter stream--finally going back far enough to locate a "#NowPlaying - Democracy Now!" tweet from last November--and goes on the attack:

"And yet once again, such hard-line communists and Israel-haters are regular listening fare for the extreme left-wing troll-rights harassment stalker Walter James Casper III:

As I've been reporting, Repsac3 has become more openly radical than ever and at this point it's safe to say he's a small-c communist as indicated by his radical activism and affiliations, far-left online blogging and Twitter footprints, and by the long list of hard-left and ideological communists who fill his mass media repertoire and inform his programmatic political commitments.

Walter James Casper III is a tool of the anti-American, anti-capitalist left in this country, and by definition is a traitor to American exceptionalism and the limited government system established by the founders. But like all the other communists manning today's hard-left ramparts, he will deny any of these orientations and venomously denounce the "McCarthyism," which is tantamount, of course, to a thinly-veiled confession of such un-American radical politics.

It's amazing how far out in the open the communists have come over these last few years. But with the Democrat Party today taken over by the "boring from withing" revolutionary radicals of the Alinsky mold, it's really no surprise at all."
Leaving aside all of the at-this-point-patently-obvious-bullshit about MY being the obsessed stalker here, what is Donald's evidence that I'm "extreme left-wing" or "openly radical" (which you'd think'd be easy to show with cites and quotes, what with my being so open about it, n'all) or, well, any of the rest of his nonsensical labels and lamentations?

Yeah, pretty much nothing but a tweet saying I listened to an almost-three-year-old "Democracy Now!" podcast a little over a month ago. Color the world shocked... Dishonest Donald Douglas is talking out of his ass, again...and still not backing any of it up with cites or quotes, preferring to TELL, rather than to SHOW. There's a reason for that, and I'm willing to bet that pretty much every person who reads these words knows exactly what that reason is. (...including Dishonest Don himself, when he inevitably comes slinking 'round like the stuck and stinky polecat he is.)

'nuff said.


American Power: Communists Angela Davis and Danny Glover to Headline Democracy Now!'s Inauguration-Night 'Peace Ball' in Washington D.C.

Dishonest Donald Douglas, Desperate To Lash Out: I'm connected to these stories how, exactly?

Obsessed much, Dr. Douglas?

If it was one of Dr. Donald Douglas’ many specious accusations and allegations about W. James Casper (repsac3) that brought you to this post, either directly--or far more likely, via your own due diligence (Dr. Douglas seldom actually provides links or citations, himself--please go back to the post, comment or tweet you read, and see whether Donald 1) paraphrased and characterized whatever it is he is claiming Mr Casper said or did, or 2) provided quotes, citations and links to Mr Casper’s actually saying or doing the thing Dr Douglas is alleging.

And then really think about why Donald Douglas (almost certainly) didn’t do the latter, and what that omission tells you about how seriously anyone should take his accusation(s)...

It'd be one thing if the primary source material of Dr. Douglas' complaint was no longer available to read and view in full context, verbatim, in whatever place he originally found it. But I know of no instance where that is the case. Donald Douglas is intentionally keeping his readers from the primary sources of his many complaints, and it's incumbent on every honest reader to take that fact into account, and to judge both the complaint and the complainer accordingly...

(Try it yourself. Decide on a page and link number--say the fifth link from the bottom on the ninth page of the Google search link above (pick your own page and link location, obviously)--and see for yourself whether Dr. Douglas backs his accusations against Mr Casper with anything concrete (quotes, links to or screencaps of exactly where he said or did whatever Donald is accusing him of), or whether it’s all paraphrase and characterization. While there may be exceptions, in the vast majority of cases there will be no quotes, no links, and no screencaps. There will just be Dr. Douglas telling you what he claims Mr Casper said and meant--as well as telling you exactly how you should feel about it--rather than showing you the supposed offense firsthand, and letting you judge it for yourself.)

While folks like Donald and liars like him want to hide what those they disagree with have to say by moderating their comment sections for content and limiting the number of verbatim quotes, citations, and links they use when blogging, I want nothing more than to give folks every opportunity to read exactly what they have to say, in all of it's contextual glory, and thus will quote and link to their exact words as often as I can...

Please read what Donald Douglas has to say about me and about the world in general. Weigh his arguments (as well as the arguments of those who disagree with him, of course), judge as fairly as your conscience allows, and come to your own conclusions.

I ask for nothing more.

And I ask for nothing less.

An American Nihilist X-post

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