Thursday, January 10, 2013

X-Post: An Open Post To Donald Kent Douglas - @ampowerblog

Look... I understand you have some bug up your ass about me, but let's face facts...

Almost everything you're whining about in your recent posts (and indeed in many of your posts about me over the last several years) took place forever ago in online blog years:

* The last time I even tried to comment at your American Power blog was late January or early February, 2012.

* The last time you posted a new expose about someone contacting Long Beach City College was Thursday, October 13, 2011

* The incident where the one-time American Nihilist author talked about doing so was posted on Thursday, February 12, 2009, and that guy hasn't written anything at American Nihilist (or even thought about you for more than five seconds, I'll wager) since August of that same year.

* Even the damned Occupy tweet you're so fond of talking about was posted on November 23, 2011.

The actual life of the average blog post can't be much more than six months (but let's give it a year)...
A tweet prolly isn't fresh for more than a month or two, (but let's give it six).

After that, Don, it's time to give 'em up and just let go...

If you feel the need to go after me over current shit (or even semi-current shit), I understand. But really... Any attack on a blog post or tweet that's over a year old--and especially ones for which you're offering not a shred of new information--is just D.O.A., and no one --NO ONE-- cares...

I'm telling you Donald, because I'm guessing that your online friends don't want to hurt your feelings, whereas I obviously do not have any reservations about doing so...but trust me when I say, pretty much the whole of the fucking internet will be grateful if and when you finally, at long last learn when to say when...and with very few exceptions, any topic that's a year or more old is already way the hell long past when.

At least give it some thought. Maybe ask a few of those "blog allies" you wrote about in your most recent attack post (or at least read their blogs and notice that in this regard, you're out there on yer own... Whatever else they do, the rest of the bloggers in your little clique are not refighting year old feuds... pretty much ever.)

'Nuff said, Fred. Do as thou wilt. I'll be out here either way...

An American Nihilist X-post

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