Friday, January 04, 2013

X-Post: Asshole, indeed.

"Right. It's what they always do, because we wouldn't want to make any "sweeping generalizations" or anything. Assholes."

When you know you're making an asshole of yourself (and even say so in your post), but do it anyway, you leave little doubt that you are an asshole. But at this point, does anyone expect anything less from this crazy fuck?

Yes, there is a possibility that maybe these two drug addicts may've walked through an occupy site once, twice, or even camped out for awhile. But Occupy didn't call for or encourage drug use or bomb making, either explicitly or implicitly. Whatever illegal or outrageous things a relatively small number of possible Occupy participants or hangers-on said or did, at no time did the Occupy movement call for or encourage violence, vandalism, or bigotry. And yes, it is a sweeping generalization to attribute whatever crimes these two drug addicts may've committed to everyone in the Occupy movement, especially seeing as no one is even accusing them of committing any crimes at or on behalf of the Occupy movement. The guy knows all this...but in his zeal to attack everyone and everything with which he disagrees, he simply does not care that he's making a fool of himself by trying this cheap rhetorical dodge. In fact, he seems kind of proud of it, actually pointing out his own sweeping generalization.

You know... I do suspect that there may be something different going on with [this guy]... Several of his posts from late December seemed ripe for one of these obsessed mentions of his, but didn't include any...almost conspicuously didn't include any. Even the crazy post above doesn't mention me by name.

Maybe it's just coincidence...but maybe it's not. I opted not to say anything at the time, hoping the creep was choosing to turn his life (or at least, his bile-fueled cannon) around, but now that he's lashed out again, I see no reason to refrain from speculation. Either way, I'll keep documenting the guy's obsession for as long as he keeps lashing out...but his behavior of late do seem odd...

ADDED: [his blog] Occupy Wall Street: Deadbeats, Freeloaders, Scofflaws and Terrorists

Aaaaand, the all-too-predictable double-down, wherein he cites one other supposed "Occupy" tweeter (speaking against capitalism, this time, as though that has ANYTHING to do with his previous post about the two drug addicts and potentially violent criminals who--according to Murdoch's New York Post, anyway--may've somehow had something to do with an Occupy protest somewhere somehow, maybe...), and pretends that that one tweet somehow proves everyone who supports the Occupy movement is a criminal I mean, communist, and thus substantiates his earlier crazy-assed post. (Maybe the guy really doesn't understand what a sweeping generalization is... These posts sure make it look like he doesn't... Maybe I'm overestimating the poor guy's intelligence...)

Harvard Grad, Occupy Wall Street Activist Busted on Bomb-Making and Weapons Possession Charges

Occupy wherever you are

"occupy wherever you are"

Occupy Wall Street: Deadbeats, Freeloaders, Scofflaws and Terrorists

Obsessed much?

An X-post from a blog that once was

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