Friday, January 04, 2013

X-Post: that guy sez -- "It's just a good teaching thing"


1) I don't want to cast any aspersions here...but I'm virtually certain that the ad service Lawyers, Guns and Money uses targets the ads to the reader... (there was even some chat about it in the comments there, recently). The fact that this guy saw what he calls "Southeast Asian jailbait" when he went to the site probably says more about him and the cookies on his computer than it does the bloggers at LGM. I'm just sayin'...

2) Does the guy really not understand the difference between the ads added to a post by a third party advertising service and pictures added by the blogger himself, or is this just another bit of willful ignorance? This isn't his first foray into this particular kind of stupidity. (which was suitably answered at the time by fellow nihilist, brother Kevin: Hypocrisy, Thy Name is [that guy's name].)

3) Contrary to LGM or Roy, the guy himself posted the risqué shots on his own blog--a blog that--at the time--he was recommending that his students read, saying "I recommend my blog for students to read, on a voluntary, non-assignment basis. Occasionally I'll pull up an academic post in class as a lecture launcher -- and actually, THAT'S A GOOD TEACHING THING!!" (He seems to think that the fact that he has since stopped recommending that his students read his blog--perhaps because of the incident where someone contacted the college about the photos on his blog, though he does not ever actually say so--somehow absolves him of the argument against posting college-age girls in skimpy outfits to a blog you send your college-age students to read, rather than suggesting that it was not, in fact, appropriate behavior. I leave it for the reader to decide for themselves...)

[his blog]: National Security Expert Thomas Ricks Gets 'The Best Defense' Intel at GSGF

“Shoot, I’m not even always right, LOL!” - Lawyers, Guns & Money

[his blog]: The 'Hotness Gap' Just Too Much for Illiterate English Professor Scott Eric Kaufman!

4) And that's to say nothing of the fact that "Courtney" was running a "scam" on "her" readers (including our guy, who obviously took it kinda hard), and wasn't exactly who she said she was, who knows whether "Lauren" even knows "Courtney" or that either really was of age at the time the pix were taken... (And holy shit... I don't remember those 2 comments (#1, and #2) from "Courtney" herself, s-l-a-m-m-i-n-g the guy hard at that post, either... Damn... That was some kinda take down, and right in keeping with how he treats conservatives--and especially female conservatives (to the extent we can even trust that much about ol' "Courtney")--who don't adhere completely to his ridiculous ways of thinkin'. I'm kinda surprised he even dared to leave those comments posted...)

5) And finally, there's this:

(Yeah, he added the "The owner of this blog neither necessarily uses nor endorses the products advertised on this site" disclaimer, since--which to me, kinda proves he understands the difference between blog owner content and ad service content, though your milage may vary on that point--but it was there, then...and without any disclaimer...)

I'm sorry, but the behavior and thought processes of that guy makes it very hard to take anything he posts very seriously...

...and yes, this is a post discussing something he said that isn't about me... The first I've posted in quite awhile. (I wonder if he will now think he has PROOF!! that I'm harassing him, finally, and get on the internet to complain go to his lawyer to sue call out the feds to arrest me for hurting his feelings... I wouldn't be any of it)

An X-post from a blog that once was

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