Friday, January 04, 2013

X-Post: Far-Right Whack-Job Dishonest Donald Douglas Confuses Posting A Link With "being down with a thing" In Yet Another Failed Attack Post

This likely comes as no great surprise to much of anyone, but Dishonest Donald is lying. (So what else is new?)

Nowhere in the tweet he references do I ever say I'm "down with" anything Thom Hartman said in that particular show (or any show, ever...).

All I did was post a link to it...just like Dishonest Donald did, himself...only four days earlier, and to a podcast instead of a youtube post.

So if Dishonest Don believes my link means "I'm down with Thom," do you think he believes his own link mean the same, or is he once again claiming the rules are dependent on what he wants them to say, and that his link to that Thom Hartman show is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than mine, because it's only eeeeevil when other people post it?

One set of standards, for friend and foe alike. Please make a note of it.

Link: American Power: Far-Left Whack-Job Thom Hartmann Wants to 'Outlaw Billionaires'

Ya'know... I posted several tweets and links regarding Dishonest Don, today... Funny that he doesn't claim that means I'm down with what he posts, huh...

Situational ethics and standards, through and through... Things mean just exactly what Donald needs them to mean at that given moment, and nothing more or less... (And please pay no attention to the hypocrisy.)

And for the record, yeah, I also think Thom's "tax everything over 1 billion at 100%" is "seriously some f-ked up shit." But unlike Dishonest Don, I'm not afraid to listen to people I disagree with...and I don't need to demonize them, either.

An American Nihilist X-post

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