Monday, May 23, 2011

In Reply: Birther/Deather/Truther Conspiracies

In reply to several comments made by a particular person (or maybe two folks) at the following post (or maybe more generally, throughout this blog): The idiocy that is Noam Chomsky - Common Sense Political Thought:
Sorry, Blu... Cannot join you on the truther bit (anymore than I can buy into the BHO birther or OBL deather nonsense). I have no problem with folks not automatically accepting common knowledge and established truth; asking questions and positing theories--indeed, that's often how we human beings learn stuff, even as folks armed with "what we've always known to be true" laugh and point at the questioner, (if they don't kill him for heresy)--but I think too many people confuse "having questions" about a given event with "proof" that what we all believe isn't true and we're all being lied to. I'm good with folks investigating and experimenting and looking to answer those questions... but having questions isn't the same as offering answers. I don't believe that conspiracies can be maintained for very long... The truth always finds it's way out... (And yes, I am aware that that's just what they WANT me to think...)

That said, you're certainly not wrong about everything.

Posted 23 May 2011 at 09:09

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