Monday, May 02, 2011

In Reply: Osama and the Twin Memes of the Right

In reply to a series of comments at Raid that got bin Laden was culmination of years of work, senior administration officials say | Philip Klein | Politics | Washington Examiner

Any chance you could cite that NYT article that discusses this 2007 discovery of the courier's name at Guantanimo by title and author... Because the article I read said they learned the man's name four years ago (2007), but doesn't say that any Gitmo detainee was the source of that info. (We did get his nickname from a detainee, but that was "not long after 9/11.") The article I'm reading is titled "Detective work on courier lead to breakthrough on bin Laden," and was authored by Mark Mazzetti and Helene Cooper. Please show your work as well because, as I've been saying in the comments to this same article posted here at the Washington Examiner ten minutes earlier, no one yet has offered anything conclusive on the twin memes that 1) closing Guantanimo anytime after 2004 or so would've had any effect on the killing of bin Laden, or 2) that harsh interrogation techniques elicited the intelligence that lead to the Abbott & Costello compound where bin Laden was located.

I look forward to your reply.

Posted 5/2/11 11:25 PM

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