Monday, May 02, 2011

In Reply: "No, it's a Rightwing Victory, Dammit!!"

In reply to the following comment at Bin Laden raid was culmination of years of work, senior administration officials say | Philip Klein | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

What a delicious irony it would be to discover the intel gained from the gitmo detainee was obtained by waterboarding. (There's no comment permalinks. This comment was submitted 5/2/11, approximately 8:35 AM, Eastern)

Where did you read that? Because this article says nothing about waterboarding, or anything about the circumstances under which the detainees in question gave up the information, including where they were held, even.

I know there are folks on the right who want to spin this as some kinda victory just for them, but the facts in evidence just ain't cooperating... It was a victory for us all, not just those espousing a particular political point of view. You might be better off being one of those tinfoil hat types (bin Ladeners?) who claim Osama bin Laden was killed years ago under Bush, and it's all been kept from the American public, up till now... I'm sure Trump has folks investigating...

On Edit: I didn't notice this was a fantasy comment, first time 'round (though I am right that no one said "gitmo," either)... But in reply, yes, it would be ironic... though from what I've heard, unlikely. Most of the reliable info we get comes from talking to those we interrogate, not by almost drowning them, or otherwise making them feel pain.
Posted 5/2/11, approximately 9:01 AM, eastern

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