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X-Post: Donald Douglas: Insert Hypocrisy Noises Here.

Guy who preemptively moderates comments for ideological content whines and cries like a stuck polecat when his off-topic trollery gets moderated away. (Cached version)

And, addressing the purpose of Donalde's drive-by trolltack, one has to be a real douchebag to intentionally spread offline (and seemingly, unverified) information about another blogger to get revenge for some online difference of opinion. (After all, isn't posting (or, in the following referenced case, reposting) offline information what this freakout was--and continues to be-- all about?) Given the sickos out there, it can be an invitation for trouble.

Bad enough, if the info's actually accurate.

Worse yet, if they're painting the bullseye on the wrong guy's back.

1) Sadly, No! - Die Verwandlung

And apparently (with h/t to S,N! link @#1):
2) Who is Tintin at Sadly, No? Jonah Goldberg, of course! ~ Serr8d's Cutting Edge:
"This deleted comment from Dr. Donald Douglas found at Brendan's (bjkeefe) 'Free Speech! blog...
"I moderate comments primarily against your racist attacks, Reppy, but your stupid remark is beside the point."
I believe this is the second time Donalde has said that he moderates the comments to his blog for content, before to allowing them to appear, even, just because of me... I don't think I'm really all that scary a guy... Not even if I actually am "potentially even more dangerous than those hoisting banners on the street," who'd "kill you if [I got] the chance." (And I may be... I just may be...)

If that's really true (and Donalde has at least twice said that it is), I think that's kinda pathetically cowardly and sad... The record of most of what's gone on between us exists (Is anything ever really gone on the internet?) and I just don't believe that Donalde's self-confessed fear of me is warranted... They're just blog comments, and most of 'em were on topic and on point, and not at all about him... (Personally, I think the guy just doesn't like being shown up and beaten down right there on his own blog... but of course, that's just my opinion, and worth every cent you paid for it.)

3) The dreaded, diabolical, Donalde Douglass double-down. (Cached version) Despite "Carl's" denial, the ass prof is stickin' by his story, true or false. Also no recognition of the hypocrisy of shouting other folk's personal info far and wide--and whether he's factually correct or not, he thinks he is... In his mind, he is intentionally "outing" a pseudononymous blogger's given name, with the intent doing him some kinda reputational (if not actual) harm, all because of petty online disagreements--which is kinda weird, given all that whining he did when folk's posted his employer info online. (And lest we forget, that employer information was already online--and still is. It's even posted on Donalde's own blog, even.)

In any case, the truth is out there...

4) Why double down, when you can triple dig that "isreally" grave? (Cached version) "First rule of holes? That's only a suggestion, idnit? No, I'll just keep on keepin' on..."

There's no conspiracy that can't be made to sound even more conspiratorial and crazier with a whole lot more verbiage expressing even less possibility that one might, maybe, be mistaken. QED

5) American Power: Carl [Salamipants] Flushed Down the Memory Hole at Whiskey Fire!. (Cached version) The denials and off-topic trollery deletions (and calling him "Donalde," of course... I mean, who knows to do that, besides Tintin?) is the proof. Confession is good for the soul. It's obvious. Actor's T, and Carl is he, and we are all together. Koo-Koo Ka-Choo

(The possibility that folks are deleting his stupid fucking allegations and accusations for being in violation of online integritude, inane, or just plain off-friggin' topic never crosses Donalde's mind. He's got his meme, and he's stickin' to it, no matter what.)

6) At Carltintin's request--in a tweet to "himself," natch--all mentions of Carltintin's full name up to now will be disposed of. New mentions will be deleted. (Just further proof that we're all Tintin, I guess... TINTIN ISREAL!!!)

7) So, if other folks deleting his "Carl" comments was proof of a vast leftwing cover-up, what does it mean when Donaldee deletes his own posts on the subject? Is HE now part of the conspiracy, too?!?
"I'm on the verge of obtaining the mother of all tips on Tintin's identity. So until that information becomes available, and since Carl [] is threatening punitive retaliation against those looking into his shady his activities, I'm temporarily pulling my previous posts in the series." - Donald Kent Douglas - American Power: Outing Tintin at Sadly No!

8) American Power: Carl [] Threatens Libel Action Our little energizer bunny of malice is still going... Someone may or may not've brought a lawsuit against him. (He believes so, but I think the phrase "It's brought" is kinda vague, and could easily mean something other than what Dr Douglas thinks it does. On the other hand, he might be right. Either way, the posts pertaining to this subject that he took down are still down. Lawsuit or not, he's still talking tough, but acting kinda intimidated... YMMV...) And the intimidation tactics he's throwing in return (Countersuits, "Carl doesn't want this kind of publicity..." "The conservasphere will rise up like an army of Davids and investigate every aspect of his life if he sues..." don't seem to be having much effect. Still no big reveal, either...

9) (5/18/11) Added cached versions of the disappeared posts. Still no big reveal (or any mention of the topic at all, since 5/16/11) over at Donalde's blog.

10) (5/19/11) And Donalde keeps digging: American Power: Update on [] For the Record Of note, is this secton, where he says:
"Anyway, my (other) longstanding nemesis (James Casper) has been getting off on all of this, so I decided to drop a non-profane comment in the thread pictured, but he deleted it --- four times. Racist Repsac3 is one of the most hardcore free speech blog administrators online, but he wouldn't let this one through, despite the specific omission of actor212's identity. Maybe he didn't want that link to actor212's comment at Sadly No!, although that's an ad hoc adjustment. Racist Repsac3 = Casper keeps moving the goalposts:

The problem that Donalde has is that he jumps to conclusions. The fact was, his comment (the one he attempted to post 4 times in the space of just over an hour) was caught in the spam filter. I saw it, I added the comment (the first attempt, for the record), and deleted the three repeats.

I didn't screencap my spam comment queue, but the comment itself is posted here, just where Dr Douglas left it.

Jumps to conclusions... If this little incident isn't a metaphor for this whole hypocritical, conspiratorial (conspocritorical?) incident involving the "outing" of one/some of his enemies "real life" lives in the name of vengeance--if not much of Donalde's blogging, itself--I don't know what is. Donalde fixates on one idea--the one that most fits his chosen meme of 'fuck that other guy,' generally--and refuses to admit there could be any other possible possibility aside the one he's chosen.

A) [] IS Tintin. (Quite likely untrue, which is why it's at least a 50/50 shot that Donalde's disappeared posts will never again appear at his American Power blog.

B) I intentionally deleted his comment four times. (Check the bogus claim and the proof for yourself.)

C) Sasquatch Isreal represents the "'legitimacy myth' of Israel’s existence. As there’s of course a “Sasquatch myth,” it’s worth noting the implied comparison: that Israel is also an ape-like beast existing only in historical folklore. Absent legitimacy, Israel has 'no right to exist.'” [cite] (Need I say more?)

(For those interested or curious, there are more examples of Donalde seeing just what he wishes/chooses to see in this post.)

Maybe Donalde will correct his post, and maybe he won't. But either way, he's already shown himself to be a little too quick on the trigger, and I've shown it's not an anomaly. It happens entirely too often, and when it does, it's done with the purpose of attacking some perceived enemy with his quickly drawn (if not actually concocted out of thin air) conclusions.

Still waiting on the big reveal.

11) (5/26/11) - Just a quick non-update update. The closest our friend Donald Kent Douglas has come to this story since 5/19 is a few oddly-placed and forced mentions of [] or Sadly,No!, or links to the Alkon attack on same in posts about other topics on his blog. (An example: "And more at the "Amanda Marcotte" search. A really bad woman. Reminds me of []..." (The post was actually about John Edwards, so even the Amanda mention was kinda out of place...) No mention of "the investigation," or Tintin, no reposting of the disappeared posts, and needless to say, no big reveal... American Nihilist will keep you informed, should anything new develop. For now, though, it appears that Teh Donalde's bluster on this subject has been worth every cent you paid for it, and not a penny more...

An American Niiiiihilist X-post

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