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X-Post: The Politics of Fear... Red-baiting, McCarthyist, Guilt-by Association Fear...

Spoketh the Donalde, in his recent post: Communists and SEIU March in Los Angeles on May Day 2011 - Donald Kent Douglas - American Power:
"RACIST REPSAC = CASPER dropped in for a drive-by comment at Lawyers, Guns and Murder on Saturday, and he again offered up a variant of his pathetic delusion that there are no communists allied with the Democratic Party in contemporary American politics."
Reality check: Here's what I actually said:
"Ideas that are not born in one’s own head (or that harmonize and synchronize with the ones that are, at least) scare some folks silly.

Pointing and yelling “Anti-Seeeeemite!!!” (or “Cooooomunist!!” or “niiiiihilist!!”) at the top of one’s internet lungs is no substitute for reasoned discourse."
- repsac3, May 7, 2011 at 2:33 pm, at the post The CUNY Disgrace : Lawyers, Guns & Money.
So where exactly did I say "there are no communists allied with the Democratic Party in contemporary American politics?" Do you see it, or any variant of that thought, or anything that in any way even resembles that thought? If so, I'd like you to explain where you're getting that, in the comment section below. If not, I have to ask; Is there no lie our friend Dr. Douglas will tell in furtherance of his demonization of "the other"... or does he actually really and truly believe that the words I wrote mean what he's alleging they do? It's gotta make you wonder about him, either way...

(And what the hell is a "drive-by comment," anyway? Where does he come up with this bullshit, and what meme is he trying to sell by employing it? The fact is, I more'n'likely read and comment at Lawyers, Guns, and Money more often than he does... not that Donalde ever lets facts get in the way of whatever sinful crimes and breaches of his crackpot vision of the world he wishes to allege. But damn... He can't even get their name right, which ought to tell ya something...)
"I do not believe RACIST REPSAC = CASPER is a communist. He may be an anti-Semite, in addition to being a racist, and he's definitely a progressive. But that doesn't matter much to the foregoing analysis. The post shows conclusively the infiltration of the Democrat Party by the long-term ideological enemies of the United States. It's fact. That said, facts to not penetrate the world of blind hatred of RACIST REPSAC = CASPER, so this is just for the record, once again. But be warned: Pathetic RACIST REPSAC = CASPER, unfortunately, is potentially even more dangerous than those hoisting banners on the street, for he works in the Alinsky mold of destroying American greatness from within. You gotta watch out for these people. They'd kill you if they get the chance."
Donalde's post attempts to "prove" I'm wrong about something I never said, which is that no communists or socialists have ever aligned themselves with Democratic or mainstream liberal causes. The fact is, I never said it. Donalde is flat out, balls-to-the-wall lying. That, or really, really REALLY misunderstanding something I wrote, somewhere... (Look at what he does with the quote above, after all.) I believe it's the former... He does have a Doctorate, after all... But maybe he really just can't comprehend the written word. Anything is possible...

Either way, let's be clear...

Yes, large numbers of Democrats and communists were opposed to the invasion of Iraq, and support worker unions, health care reform, and other political actions and causes more liberal than that of conservatives. Yes, both groups, as well as those of other ideological, religious, racial, gender, and other cohorts, have protested together at the same events, opposing or supporting the same/similar political actions.

So far, so good. Clear enough, I hope.


I dispute whether their appearance at the same protests make their political beliefs or goals identical, or even all that similar. Being in favor of some kind of health care reform (though generally speaking, not the same health care reforms) does not make Communists of Democrats or Democrats of Marxists. There were many reasons to oppose the invasion of Iraq, and I'm pretty sure the pacifist priests were not there for the same reason as the mothers and fathers who lost sons or daughters in the invasion, or those Democrats who believed that military action not authorized by Congress was a breach of the Constitution, or that Iraq was a distraction from finding and waging war on Osama bin Laden, al Queda, and the Taliban who harbored both... or the socialists and communists who believed that large imperialist countries shouldn't seek to overtake small defenseless ones, either. Same protest, lots of different reasons for attending. Donalde would have you believe that they're all Marxists... ...or soon will be.

Given the make-up of the crowds (there's generally like 100 mainstream liberals--Democrats and Greens, mostly--to 1 communist), I question who's infiltrating who. The way I see it, some of those communists are slowly but surely coming in from the ideological cold, and not the other way round. (Others, I'm sure, are true believers, and think they'll help mainstream liberals defeat conservatives, and then rise up against the mainstream liberals... or something like that. It's far more likely they'll just turn 25, get a job, and vote on the Democrat, Green, or Working Families line.) Donalde would have you believe that the presence of even one communist is evidence that Communism will one day overtake the Democratic party... and perhaps, America.

I even question whether the communists at these rallies and protests are "long-term ideological enemies of the US." They're generally high school or college age kids handing out leaflets or holding a banner. We're not talking Stalinist murderers, here. I'm of the opinion that our Constitution and the American ideals for which we stand can handle being questioned by a few ideological college kids, who'll likely grow out of it by their mid-20's... (...and perhaps go so far as to become neocons, like Donalde. Let us not forget who founded the neoconservative movement, and not all that long ago, even, historically-speaking... Talk about yer communist infiltration... And then there's David Horowitz, too... Once a self-confessed, full-blown communist, and now, a hero of our neoconservative friend Donald Kent Douglas. Coincidence? I think not. But it's the Democratic party that's being infiltrated by communism... Suuuure it is...) ((Golly, this bullshit conspiratorial, guilt-by-association fear-mongering is easier'n I thought...)) (((Yes, I'm leaving the sarc marks off on purpose.)))

In fact, if you follow that link back to the Lawyers, Guns, and Money comment that has professor Douglas in such a tizzy, you'll see that THAT was my point in posting it. Rather than running away with blinders on and fingers in our ears, closing us off to any and all ideas and ideals with which we do not agree--or tossing a bullshit label on them and denouncing/renouncing, and moderating them away, as Donalde does, and would have us all do--we can beat them fair and square in the marketplace of ideas, right out in the open, and without demonizing each other as people either, more'n'likely. Our American ideals are not some hothouse flower that will wilt at the first whiff of a communist or socialist belief. Our Democratic Republic is made of far stronger stuff than Donalde seems to believe it is, and a few ideologically confused undergrads questioning--or even vehemently disagreeing with--some aspect of our American political system or makeup isn't going to cause the slightest dent. YMMV, of course...

Hopefully, this post is clear enough for even Teh Donalde to understand... but knowing him as I do, I wouldn't bet on it.

(Oh, and "Booga!! Booga!! Booga!!" Scared of me yet?)

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