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X-Post: What're We Supposed To Call These Folks... bin Ladeners?? (Deathers, apparently)

I'm sure I'll find others (and I'll update if/when I do), but it's somehow fitting that it's one of Donald Douglas' most prolific commenters and fans who is the first I've found giving voice to this "Osama's been dead for years" conspiracy. (And note Dave's continued birtherism, as well...)
Dave said...
So we are supposed to believe that the wealthiest murderer in history, who loved nothing more than making videos of himself threatening to blow up this or that, then pack it off to his friends at Al Jazeera, did not have access to a video camera since 2002, even though the Pakistanis reportedly built a compound for him sometime around 2005.

Osama wasn't exactly holed up in a cave with no electricity or running watter.

Osama was his own favorite video star, and those tapes stopped coming for one of two reasons:

1) He voluntarily stopped producing them,or-

2) He was no-longer able to produce them.

Last week, it was the release of yet another COLB, which most are taking as the gospel, and now this.

I don't know, but something about all this just doesn't feel right to me.

Maybe it's that I trust this White House about as far as I could push it.


May 1, 2011 11:33 PM

There are some really scary individuals out there in hyper-partisanland, and Dave is one of 'em.

Well that didn't take long:

(Freudian, perhaps--the hate is strong in this one, too--but a typo, nevertheless... He meant "Osama," not "Obama.")

@Dave Champion: Obama Osama died long ago. Most of the important players in the Middle East have known it. US media does Washington DC's bidding.

And where did I find this guy? Through another Donald Douglas link, of course:
9:30pm PST: Checking some progressives on Twitter, Karoli's not pleased with the response on the right.
(Two things: 1) In Donald's original post, the phrase "on the right" was a link as well, but I thought it'd make my point less clear if I included both in the quote. For those curious though, I include that second link here. 2) It seems pretty obvious to me that Karoli's concern about that first tweet was the typo saying "Obama's died long ago," and not the fact that Osama is dead. While she prolly ought to've realized it was just a rightwing-Freudian typo, that tweet doesn't show what The Donalde claims it does... ...and as far as the second tweet, I'm kinda with Karoli... I understand why folks are celebrating--folks left and right, BTW... Contrary to Dr Douglas' implication, it isn't only folks on the right dancing in the streets--but to my way of thinking, people killing other people isn't something to celebrate. It's often necessary, and in this case, I'm glad the guy is dead, but I won't be whooping it up. I'm just not built that way.) ((Now the exhortations involving the body and pork products or urine/feces--many of which are being offered by folks on the right--are just plain ghoulish and altogether disgusting. Celebrate if you must, but don't expose quite so much of the psyche, guys. Some things are better left thought about, but unspoken.))

Another, although this fellow is apparently a Truther, as well:
Dean Jackson sez:
Can you believe the lies? It's unbelievable. For those who pay attention Osama was murdered years ago. Fast forward to 2:10 minutes in the following BBC interview with Benazir Bhutto:

Found in the comments at: Osama Bin Laden dead: How Obama's focused pursuit paid off. - By John Dickerson - Slate Magazine (No comment permalinks, but scroll to Today (5/2/11) 7:17:29 AM EDT, to read this comment and more from this nutter.)

And if you watch his video, be sure to note the rebuttal video linked to it, as well: YouTube - Bhutto didn't mean to say "Osama bin Laden" (Can't post one without the other.)

The American Spectator : Osama bin Elvis

Inside Sources: Bin Laden’s Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade - Alex Jones - Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! and at memeorandum

Of course, every coin has two sides... While some say he's been dead for years, others want proof he's dead now... And someone from Breitbart's unstable stable leads the pack:
ThinkProgress - Meet The Deathers: Andrew Brietbart Website Pushing Conspiracy Theory That Osama Might Not Be Dead. Should we really be surprised? Here's the link to the post: J. Michael Waller - BigPeace: "Display Bin Laden’s Body At Ground Zero. Then Destroy The Al Qaeda Legacy." Now comes with a memeorandum link, too.

Mailbag: Goodbye 'birthers,' hello 'deathers' | Opinion L.A. | Los Angeles Times (While "deathers" seems to be the chosen term in the media, it was already taken in my mind for the folks insisting on those health care "death panels." But if it takes for these "Osama's been dead for years"/"prove Osama's dead now, long-form" idiots too, I'm willing to roll with it...)
memeorandum: Conspiracies conjure that Osama bin Laden still lives (The Politico)

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