Friday, January 15, 2010

Roundup and Commentary - 1/14/10

Everyone is an amateur at death. - 8,789 Words of Wisdom - collected by Barbara Ann Kipfer

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American Nihilist: Donald Douglas and The Persecution That Isn't There ("Help, help, I'm bein' repressed!!")

An old friend of my father died - Charlie Kaye


"I agree that all the US government seats occupied by folks we elect are the people's seats..."
"To his credit, Brown did more or less answer the question, but I suspect it wasn't the answer that many of those former Kennedy voters wanted to hear..."
"[I]f I have to choose between big business--whose whole reason for being is to make a profit for themselves and their shareholders, and big government--whose whole reason for being is to perform the duties that we citizens want, the way we want, I know who I'm relying on every time; my government, who is accountable to me."
- The Oracular Opinion: They’re OUR Seats!

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