Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roundup and Commentary - 1/15/10

It is ironic that the United States should have been founded by intellectuals, for throughout most of our political history, the intellectual has been for the most part either an outsider, a servant, or a scapegoat. - Richard Hofstadter - The Best Liberal Quotes Ever - Collected by William Martin


"His writing & thought processes still remind me of a bad Bill O'Reilly impersonation, but he does play that victim--and dare I say "black victim"--card entirely too often..." -
- American Nihilist: Donald Douglas and The Persecution That Isn't There

"While I've no doubt that some will say this is only proof of the coverup, many believe the confessed author when he says that 'Report From Iron Mountain' was a satirical work of fiction." -
- Immoderate Monk: Iron Mountain: A blueprint to tyranny, or a hoax? (and, LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN: IRON MOUNTAIN, A BLUE PRINT TO TYRANNY:, if the owner of the blog permits my comment to appear there.)

"It's just take, take, take and mine, mine, mine with you conservatives, isn't it?" -
- The Oracular Opinion: They’re OUR Seats!

"[T]he thought of anyone in Mass voting a certain way in the name of teaching me a lesson about humility has exactly the opposite effect. It's anything but humbling to believe that anyone in the state (or anywhere else) thinks I'm that important..." -
- The Oracular Opinion: They’re OUR Seats!

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