Sunday, January 31, 2010

Roundup and Commentary - 1/30/10

The United States is in no sense founded upon the Christian doctrine. - Article XI, Treaty of Tripoli, passed by Congress 1797


Hypocritical - "I wouldn't mind watching your brain explode..."<- That's a hateful comment. I think I upset him. LOL #tcot #ocra #sgp, and sad - Did you catch my latest article? Have a good laugh at the Left's expense -> #tcot #ocra #teaparty #tlot. -
- Update to earlier "Liz Blaine is a hateful hypocrite" blog post

"“Bragging” about what you have vs what someone else has–including extolling the virtues of one’s hometown, rather than someone else’s hometown–is a pretty common back & forth among friends, and I’m surprised Donald didn’t take it in the spirit in which it was clearly intended." -
- Common Sense Political Thought - An apology to Donald Douglas - 30 January 2010, 11:11 am comment

Can't figure out how to successfully permalink these js-kit/Echo comments, but here they are, nevertheless:

"Yeah, Don's addiction to the word nihilism really has gone downhill lately. And we at American Nihilist are very sad about it (or would be, if we didn't think that everything Donald Douglas, Ph.whogivesashit blogs about was meaningless, anyway...)" - 1/30/2010, 10:10:14 AM EST comment -

"Sure, it looks like a toddler's temper tantrum, but it's really righteous wingnut anger at not being able to counter SEC's post with anything more than typos. Toss in a bunch of f@#l language, and it looks (to him, anyway) like he really said something." - 1/30/2010, 10:28:18 AM EST comment -

"And contrary to what our Powerpuffer says, his anger isn't limited to "leftist blog pimps." - 1/30/2010, 12:04:11 PM EST comment -
- Lawyers, Guns and Money: Phony political scientist sees morons at fake Indepedence Hall and is impressed.

"Given the history and shared values that Donald Douglas and Dana have, a better man would’ve given Dana the benefit of the doubt and spoken to him privately, rather than assuming the worst and attacking him in public in a subsequent blog post at American Power." -
- Common Sense Political Thought - An apology to Donald Douglas - 30 January 2010, 8:29 pm comment

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