Saturday, January 09, 2010

Roundup and Commentary - 1/8/10

When anger spreads through the breast, guard thy tongue from barking idly. - Sappho - The Best Liberal Quotes Ever - collected by William Martin


"The comment to which I was replying was there when I started writing my reply to it, and with all respect due POL's subsequent comments, I fail to see why he holds me responsible for not foreseeing his decision to remove his words. I could only read the comment that was posted; not his mind."

"--while I can see the value of attaching one's face/real name (or
nom de keyboard, at least) to their words, it is the words themselves that create the most accurate picture of who a person really is, in my humble opinion--"

"The downside of eliciting comment from folks who disagree is that the folks you get comment from will disagree..."
- The Oracular Opinion: It’s MY Blog

"No, I'm not particularly happy when anyone has to put up with foul mannered people on their blog, but yeah, I guess I am satisfied that we all seem to agree that trolls come in all flavors along the political spectrum, and are not exclusively a product of those of the 'other' political persuasion (whoever 'they' may be)." -
- The Oracular Opinion: It’s MY Blog

"Sound advice... Now if only you'd thought to take it, yourself..." -
- Immoderate Monk: In reply to a "thinking" man (Reply to a comment once posted here: The Oracular Opinion: It’s MY Blog, but removed for being needlessly hostile.)

"Probably the best piece of writing you've stolen & passed off as your own..." -
- Immoderate Monk: No Blog has no new comments, anymore (Intended for: No Blog: JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION!)

"Some folks just can't take yes for an answer." -
- The Oracular Opinion: It’s MY Blog

"All this self-editing after the fact is getting tiresome, especially since I keep replying to comments that're there when I hit 'comment,' and gone by the time I hit 'post." -
- The Oracular Opinion: It’s MY Blog

"Thanks for playing, IAGNB... No consolation prize, though... Your inability to keep up makes you sadly unworthy..." -
- Immoderate Monk: No Blog has no new comments, anymore

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