Friday, February 20, 2009

In reply: Are American Power Readers Really As Cowardly as Dr. Douglas Makes Them Out To Be?

In reply to: American Power: Jesus Christ: Dead Nihilist of the Week?, and in particular, Donald Douglas' quote of an "...e-mail from a reader commenting on Repsac3 and his fellow bloggers"

I invite Donald's anonymous pen pal to write me personally at if s/he wishes to discuss my faith, as there's little chance Donald knows a thing about it, despite his being such a learned, learned man. (Just ask him...)

Barring that, I'd appreciate it if you folks who lack the courage to confront me directly, and who choose instead to chat about me behind my back, do what you can to keep your private conversations private, including asking those with whom you speak do the same...

While Donald seems to get some perverse thrill from repeating the words of these anonymous pen pals--this must be the 4th or 5th "reader e-mail" critical of a "nihilist" he's blogged about just in the year or so I've known him--he's making a good portion of his readership out to be cowards unwilling to stand up for their beliefs, which if true, would be a sad state of affairs.
And that assumes he's not just making these folks up out of whole cloth... While Donald seems to be what he claims, who can really say, for sure? As long as these critical "readers" of his remain anonymous and allow Donald to speak in their absence, they may just as well be disembodied voices in his head...

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