Monday, February 16, 2009


In reply to the following comment at American Power: (O)CT(O)PUS = CYBER-BULLY:
Repsac3: No, it's not goose for the gander, because I do not threaten your livelihood or place of employment. YOU MAKE THREATS! YOUR BLOG MAKES THREATS! THEN YOU BLAME ME FOR NOT BEING CAREFUL ENOUGH! HAVE YOU NO SHRED OF DECENCY, SIR!

That is what your blog is about, and your ideology itself is all about destruction, of morality and traditionalism. You cannot rebut arguments with reason, so you deny any argument exists, and continually ask for evidence of your own perfidy and moral bankruptcy. That's called postmodern denialism.

This post is about all of you at American Nihilist. Yes, that's what you are. You have no values, no truth, and no God.
- Donald Douglas - February 16, 2009, 12:40 PM
We are all our brother's keeper.

What any "nihilist" / conservative / Democrat / Catholic / demonist / black / white person does, EVERY white / black / demonist / Catholic / Democrat / conservative / "nihilist" person is responsible for.

Donald's "distributive law of nihilism" at work.

I ask for evidence Donald, because you fail to offer any on your own... You accuse and accuse, and show nothing that would substantiate your charges...

I invite anyone to look at what Donald does and does not say in his last comment (or if you prefer, the one before, or the one before that), and decide for yourself whether there's any there in there, or whether it's just a bunch of spurious noise that anyone or his brother could post about anyone else.

Posted February 16, 2009, 12:59 PM (AmPow blog time)

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