Monday, February 16, 2009

IRT: "...pure scab of shame"

In reply to the following comment at American Power: (O)CT(O)PUS = CYBER-BULLY:
Repsac3: I need to point you back to what Private Pigg said above:

" ... if you do have a blog dedicated to mocking a blogger with whom you disagree...well, that sort of speaks louder than your words ... "

The evidence for what you seek is in the mirror, Repsac3. You are not a good, decent man. And you're intellectually capable of argument or truth.

You started American Nihilist because I repudiated you so completely and unequivocally in my post, "About the Comments," from Januay 18th.

You're a dying to find a way to get out from under the diabolical plague afflicting you but you cannot, because you have no goodness or sense of right or wrong, and what the people are posting at your blog is not debate or ideas, but personal, rank, ad hominem attacks and threats to me and my employer.

I just wrote a post, and this fits you perfectly, you pure scab of shame:

"You must realize the Left's effort is not to gain the moral high ground, it is only to squat and defile that land once they have tricked you into leaving it. Make no mistake, their intention is not to act morally or enact decent policies or truly help the individual. It is to take the moral high ground from you so you will have no place to stand."

If Leftists can successfully make you feel as though they will take care of the moral needs of this nation (do you realize how absurd that sounds?), then you will stop daring to interfere, they hope. And when you stop interfering, when you retreat, the Left's own hypocritical inaction guarantees this nation will be condemned by their god of nihilism, narcissism, and self-hate.
- Donald Douglas - February 16, 2009, 1:13 PM
Yes, Donald, I have created a blog that mocks your incessant and unprovoked use of the word nihilist... If that is the hook on which you choose to hang your whole "evil," "nihilist," "denialist," "demonic" hat, I guess you've got me, bud...

I still maintain that you're making ridiculous charges and refusing to back them with actual facts (and that the remainder of your latest comment is just more of the same... Lotta you talking, but no substance in support of your words--If you want, I can prove that my AmNi blog predates your "About the comments" post by about a week, though I suspect if I did, that'd only cause you check back in your archives for some other post where you "repudiated me, completely and unequivocally" (whatever the hell that means)--but you go ahead & declare your victory, if it helps you sleep better. You're always welcome to your own delusions.

As usual, I feel no need to tell folks who "won" or "lost" anything... I trust that those who read these exchanges are intelligent enough to decide for themselves...
Posted February 16, 2009 2:23 PM (AmPow blog time)

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