Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Memery - 25 Things

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1) I am a packrat. If it’s not rotting or actually in pieces, I probably still have it… somewhere.

2) The roads to most of my personal hells are paved with good intentions and actions never taken.

3) I have at least a thousand records, and just as many CDs, and I’ve listened to every one.

4) I am much less fortunate book-wise. While I probably have 400-500, I have read very few of them. (I do try, but tend to doze off.)

5) I walked to school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I could’ve ridden the school bus to high school (& maybe jr. high, too) but I preferred the open air.

6) I’m seldom right on time. Usually, I’m late for stuff, but because I know that, I sometimes overcompensate & show up way too early. (That prolly had something to do with my not taking the bus to school, too.)

7) I miss everyone who isn’t in my life anymore, but I’m not so good at keeping in touch with the people who are.

8) I consider myself a Unitarian Universalist, but I seldom attend fellowship.

9) I miss my old Honda Accord hatchback. I liked having the ability to fit small pieces of furniture in my car on a whim.

10) I haven’t been clean-shaven since 1984. (Even then, I left an almost indiscernible soul patch.)

11) I sleep about 5-6 hours in any 24. If I fall asleep early, I wake up in the middle of the night. (It’s 4am as I peck this out.)

12) When I get involved in something, I forget to stop and eat. I’ve gone whole days without food, and not even noticed.

13) My dad, my cousin Lee, and my friend Andy have had the most influence on my taste in music. All of ‘em were & are willing to explore new sounds.

14) My wife, doesn’t know how much I love her. I’m to blame for much of that because I don’t express it nearly enough, but then, I’m not sure she’d believe me anyway…

15) We do own too many cats for our home & lifestyle. (We have 7 of ‘em.)

16) While I’m very organized at work, I’m a mess at home. Some of it has to do with that packrat thing, but it’s also because I don’t set the same “everything in it’s place” rules at home.

17) I seldom drink anything but water, anymore.

18) I don’t carry a realistic image of myself in my mind. I see myself as that thin guy I was in my 20’s or so, and am kinda surprised every time I see myself in a mirror or current photograph.

19) The opposite happens with my dad. Every time I see him, I’m amazed at how much thinner he is than I thought he was (& actually used to be.)

20) When it comes to women (& most men, as well) though, unless you’re very large, very small, or have changed a whole lot since the last time I saw you (& I can actually remember what you looked like the last time I saw you), I don’t really notice your weight.

21) I have a pretty good memory for song lyrics, plot lines, and general trivia, but I have a whole lotta trouble with proper nouns. Too many conversations go “It’s like that movie—I can’t remember the name--where the guy—nope, can’t recall the actor, but he was the same guy in—you know, that movie we watched last spring, with the monster eating the town… It was called… Oh, nevermind.”

22) I prefer the temperature to be about 65 when I’m working, and just slightly higher when I’m at rest.

23) One day, I hope to earn enough to keep us from worrying about money. (I’d settle for “winning” or “being left” enough, but I really would prefer to earn it.)

24) I have an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator in my chest.

25) Like most folks who’ve done this thing, I had a tough time coming up with 25 things to say, and like most, I end this list by saying so.

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