Wednesday, August 05, 2009

pay no attention, this is only a test post

(Why are you reading this, after I told you it was only a test post?!? Nosy freak!!)

I didn't want to have to do this so publicly, but if I don't, I won't get all the info I'm lookin' for... Unless you're from blogger help (& thanks for coming if you are), pay this no mind... really.

I'm trying to figure out why some of my blogs give/get "links to this post" links, and some do not.

(American Nihilist shows those links on it's posts--that is, if I reference an AmNi post on another blog, the "links to this post" shows the name of the post where I made that reference-- but doesn't produce those links on posts elsewhere--I could write a whole AmNi post full of links to other blog posts of mine and of other folks, but those other posts won't show a link back to that AmNi post, no matter what I do.)

I know for certain that "What'd I Say?" here (the oldest & most established of my blogs) gives and gets, if ya know what I mean... (...and I think you do.)

The following is a list of test posts I made about 5 hours ago (except that last one, which I made about 5 minutes ago). Each blog post is linked to all the other test posts, and I also linked in my most recent posts on all my blogs. So far, there are no links anywhere, which got me to wondering whether my test post date: 1/1/01, at 1:11 AM, was skewing the results. (Maybe I needed a current date/time post or two to make it all work.) This then, will be one of those posts. Yippie.
This is a(n) xxx test post. If it works, there'll be one of these test posts for all of my blogs, and links to/from each of 'em, here:

American Nihilist - American Nihilist: American Nihilist Test Post

Immoderate Monk - Immoderate Monk: IM Test Post

Moderation is for Monks (temporary replacement for I.M. above): Moderation is for Monks: Monk Moderation Test Post

What'd I Say? - What'd I Say?: What'd I Say Test Post

Wingnuts & Moonbats - Wingnuts & Moonbats: W&M Test Post

With All Due Respect - With All Due Respect: WADR Test Post

Please don't read this. There is nothing interesting in this post.

(If you already have read it, I'm sorry. But you were warned.)

AmNi most recent: American Nihilist: Donald Douglas Sums Up The Con Opposition To Health Care Reform...

IM, most recent: Immoderate Monk: ObamaJoka & BushHitler: Another post on the posters

MM, most recent: Moderation is for Monks: The squeaky wheel...

WhatdISay, most recent: What'd I Say?: Roundup and Commentary - 8/4/09

Wingnuts & Moonbats, most recent: Wingnuts & Moonbats: Right-Wing Astroturf Harassment Strategy Against Dems Detailed In Memo: ‘Yell,’ ‘Stand Up And Shout Out,’ ‘Rattle Him’

With All Due Respect, most recent: With All Due Respect: Re: OBAMA SECRET SERVICE Pulls Guns On Conservative Tea Party Protesters In Bristol

The "current post" tests:
Mod Monks: Moderation is for Monks: Another Test Post...

What'd I Say?: (I will list the url to this post I'm writing now--8/5/09, 8:27 AM, here)

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