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Roundup and Commentary - 8/1/09

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Blog Post:

American Nihilist: Donald Douglas @ American Power Whines About Palin Divorce Rumors; Links to Naked Pix Rumored To Be Obama's Mom (Of all the posts over the years that memeorandum could've picked up, THIS is the first one?!?)


Let's hear it for the Secret Service Counter Assault Team... Scaring the bejeezus out of wingnut teabaggers & conspiracy theorists for almost six months (along with their regular duties, protecting the rest of the Presidential motorcade from harm, of course.):
American Power: Did Obama's Secret Service Draw Guns on Conservative Protesters? (2 comments)

Bomb In The Building? Let's Not Evacuate, Because We Could Be Killed Out There:
Immoderate Monk

The Government Already Knows About That Porn Site, Buddy...:
Immoderate Monk

Whatever one thinks about Olbermann or O'Reilly, allowing the CEOs of their parent companies, speaking on behalf of their corporate interests, to get together and agree to dictate what news & opinion O & O (& one assumes, the rest of the (MS)NBC & Fox(News) talent) do and do not talk about, is another nail in the "free and fair" media coffin.:
American Power: Peace Plan Brokered in Olbermann, O'Reilly Cable Flame War!

Dan Riehl says the right thing, while many of his fellow Cons go in for the cheap attack, based on a photo whose back story they know nothing about. Riehl World View: Is It Wise To Create Political Demons?

The relative merits of the Right's "Obama Hates Black People" photo, and their "Gates Made Up Eye Makeup Gate":

It isn't how you play the game, it's whether you get the blog hits (I mean, tv ratings) that counts!! Now, somebody find me a half-naked drunk chick to exploit for my fans:
American Power: Glenn Greenwald Confirms 'Win' for O'Reilly Factor (Situational ethics, at it's finest.)

Bullshit rumors are foolish things, but as long as they're about the 'right' people (the controversial, the polarizing, the inordinately famous) there will always be a ready made market of folks willing to believe the worst about the people they hate, and a ready supply of idiots willing to feed it to 'em, too.:
American Power: Sarah Palin to Divorce? Left's Biggest Fantasy-Smear Dead on Arrival - UPDATED!! Atlas Shrugs: Time to 'Ratchet Truth' on Obama Predilections (Let's hear it for the family values crowd; All bent, because some idiots suggested that the Palin's were D-I-V-O-R-C-I-N-G, but posting pix that they allege to be Barack Obama's mom... Friggin' class, this bunch. And as usual, Donald Douglas has a front row seat in the slime pit.) (2 comments)

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