Friday, August 07, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 8/6/09

Blog Post:

American Nihilist: AARP Astroturfers Want It NOW!!!


Here I thought the pic was kinda mean-spirited (yes, :::sigh::: just like the one of Bush), but otherwise pretty stupid and meaningless. (At least the author--or I--got that meaningless part right. (The Joker, a socialist? Anybody who read or watched ANY Batman--even the silly TV show--knows THAT's not right...): Immoderate Monk: JokObama (ObamaJoka?): Not racist, not meaningful; Just mean. ( In.sur.rec.tion: Joker-ology)

When the same behaviors "spontaneously" break out in town halls across the country--behaviors that don't generally break out at town hall meetings--there's a reason. When so many con bloggers are posting these same kinda videos and gloating, there's a reason. No, perhaps Bob MacGuffie isn't the ringleader, or even a major player, but the memo--and more importantly, the behavior we're seeing at these town halls, as outlined in the memo--is still more than a little troubling.:
Wingnuts & Moonbats: Right-Wing Astroturf Harassment Strategy Against Dems Detailed In Memo: ‘Yell,’ ‘Stand Up And Shout Out,’ ‘Rattle Him’

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