Sunday, August 09, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 8/8/09

Blog Post:

Wingnuts & Moonbats: Re: Mr "Insta-" Reynolds: Protest is still patriotic, and rudeness is still rude.


If ya ask me (& I know no one did) the answer is to stop looking at "Liberals" and "Conservatives," and start seeing individuals, instead.:
Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full: Liberals and Republicans, Can't We Just Get Along?

The American Power Reader's Digest series:

American Nihilist: Re: American Power: Democratic Deliberation? Congressman David Scott's Town Hall Meltdown - Democrat at a meeting about a highway project gets questions critical of the healthcare plan; loses his cool. Donald celebrates.

American Nihilist: Re: American Power: The Democrats' Soros-Backed Astroturfing for Health Care - When the right starts reflecting your criticism of them back at you, you know it must be having an effect.

American Nihilist: Re: American Power: Democratic Astroturfing in Denver - Another cutnpaste post claiming that any/all protest organized by political or social groups equals astroturfing.

American Nihilist: Nope, they're not hooligans at all... - A little more of that Con misogyny, served up by someone else (what else is new?) then reheated & left on the table again by Donald Douglas.

Pam Geller goes OrlyTaitz about a wingnut kid wrongly accused; Donald Douglas provides echo (& a stain in his shorts, from the looks of things). American Nihilist: Re: American Power: Pamela Geller Gets Results! Atlas Shrugs Hammers Huffington Post on Allegations of Nazi Salute in Denver!

(The AmPow Reader's Digest series is mostly comments made in blog post form, so I wasn't sure where to put 'em... I finally went with giving 'em their own heading.)

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