Sunday, August 02, 2009

X-Post: Donald Douglas @ American Power Whines About Palin Divorce Rumors; Links to Naked Pix Rumored To Be Obama's Mom

American Nihilist X-post

American Power: Sarah Palin to Divorce? Left's Biggest Fantasy-Smear Dead on Arrival - UPDATED!! Atlas Shrugs: Time to "Ratchet Truth" on Obama Predilections

Let's hear it for the family values crowd; All bent, because some idiots suggested that the Palin's were D-I-V-O-R-C-I-N-G, and in the same breath, posting pix that they allege to be Barack Obama's mom, naked... Friggin' class, this bunch.

And again, Donald Douglas grabs himself a front row seat in the slime pit. (On the bright side, it appears that, *unlike with Donald's posting of the Erin Andrews link*, the model in question consented to having the pictures taken... ...though (assuming they are not just your garden variety vintage porn pix, which is the most likely scenario, here, no matter what these asses allege) one would assume the model did not intend to have them released to the general public, especially by these rightwing paragons of virtue who so often claim the moral high ground where sexual issues are concerned

Pam Gellar & Donald Douglas have created some fucked up Judeo-Christian morality for themselves, that's for sure... It's ok to distribute porn, as long as you're using it to smear political opponents. (And getting a chubby (or moist, depending) from anything except the thrill of hurting your political foes and their families is forbidden, one would assume.)

Bullshit rumors are foolish things, but as long as they're about the 'right' people (the controversial, the polarizing, the inordinately famous) there will always be a ready made market of folks willing to believe the worst about the people they hate, and a ready supply of miserable, worthless assholes willing to invent the stories to feed to 'em, too.
UPDATE: More info (about the silly Palin divorce rumors, not Don & Pam's fascination with showing folks their vintage nudie pix that they believe to be the President's mother) at memeorandum
(Of all the post's that've appeared here, THIS is our first memeorandum link?!? Yeesh...)

* = added in update, for clarity

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