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X-Post: Donald Douglas Sums Up The Con Opposition To Health Care Reform...

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--- one sentence or less. Describing a protest he attended Tuesday morning outside an event held by Loretta Sanchez, Dr Douglas says "We had a couple of leftists on foot stop and annoy us with personal stories of health problems...."

Tell it like it is, Don. Those pesky sick and injured, hoping to get medicines and treatment they can afford, can really spoil a beautiful day, huh...? I say screw 'em. Let 'em keep using the health care we have already. Why should we let the government dictate prices and determine treatments, when those nice folks at insurance companies already do such a fine job keeping healthcare from folks who most need it? Besides, if people can't afford medical care and the drugs they need, it's probably 'cause they're lazy... At least, that's what Michael Wiener (Savage) & the folks at FoxNews told me...

Donald whines about this article in the OC Weekly calling he and his fellow protesters the I-Got-Mine crowd, but judging by what Donald wrote, I'd say they have him (if not the whole group) pegged.:

What had these fine folks peeved? Was it continuing warfare? Rising joblessness? The meltdown of Cash for Clunkers? Nope, seems the demonstrators were there to lash out about healthcare. But they were not representing the millions and millions of Americans lacking insurance coverage, being denied valid claims or experiencing rising co-pays and assorted out-of-pocket medical costs. Nope, that's what the I've-Got-Mines pooh-poohing the Sanchez visit LOVE about the current health-care system.

The Corona del Martians instead took the congresswoman and President Obama to task for trying to improve the conditions of all Americans, economically and physically. Someone's going to have to pay for that, so out come the protest signs. "His agenda is frightening," explained one bottle blonde, probably fresh off The Orly Taitz Hour of White Power Hour on her plasma. Jiggle that diamond-studded bracelet and keep hope alive, honey!
- Sanchez Navigates I've-Got-Mines to Get to Newport Beach Cash - OC Weekly

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