Saturday, August 01, 2009

X-Post: It's all about consent, Dr. Douglas

American Nihilist X-post

"For sure the Democratic guys at American Nihilist are digging it!" - Donald Douglas, American Power: Democratic Stimulus Funds Go to Perv-Porno Promotions: "Four Men, Three Women and a Gorilla"

As long as it's consensual, and not, y'know, a crime like the Erin Andrews video you linked to, (& beat to death with a sledgehammer, along with a few of your friends) we at American Nihilist refuse no porn position or act... (Bet you wish you could say that, don't ya, Donald... Unfortunately, crime pays in blog hits, right? ) We're big time fans of naked chicks, as long as they want to be naked and want to be filmed, doing whatever it is they're doing, from fixing their hair & ironing, to whatever it is that rocks your tiny right wing world, and beyond.... We also don't care what men do, either as viewers or participants, as long as they consent, and we're not compelled to watch them.

But, hey... Thanks for stopping by...

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