Wednesday, August 05, 2009

X-Post: Donald 'Arlon' Douglas Makes Nihilist Spelling Error!!

American Nihilist X-post

n the post, American Power: Town Halls Get Results! "Audience Shouts Down Sebelius, Specter at Health Care Town Hall in Philadelphia", Dr. Donald 'Arlon' Douglas said the following:
"Arlon Spector and Kathleen Sebelius are loudly heckled. Sebelius' extremely frustrated body language @ 2:05 minutes? Priceless:"

Now, normally I wouldn't care... People make silly spelling errors and typos all the time.

But this spelling error is different.

See, this isn't the first time we've seen it, and the last time wasn't so pretty. American Power: Arlon the Democrat!.

Now, I'm not going to suggest that Don's uninformed or stupid, speaking Klingon, or that his obsessive watching of the Erin Andrews "peeping Don" video has addled his brain. And, I'm not going to make up some kinda silly name for him, like "Dr. Arlon CreepyPowerPeeper-RumorMonger." That'd be snarky & vindictive. (And I already made my snarky comment here: So uh... Who's that Arlon guy, Dr. Douglas?)

I do, however, expect Dr Douglas to hold himself to the same standards he does others, and say those kinda things about himself.

Fat chance.

And, while it may be tempting, I'm not going to comment about this at an unrelated post at Donald's blog, or his friend and mentor, 'Lipless' McCain's blog, or even at Biobrain's blog. No matter how much fun it may be to be snarky, I do have some standards...

My reply, the last time (after Dr 'Arlon' Douglas there was good enough to suggest I write one.): American Nihilist: American Power: Professor Douglas Catches 'Nihilist' Spelling Error!

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