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X-Post: AARP Astroturfers Want It NOW!!!

American Nihilist X-post

I can't tell where the meme started, but here are the folks I found selling it:
American Power: AARP Staffers Bail Out as Retired (Swastika-Bearing) Astroturfers Shut Down Town Hall Meeting!, who links to:
Behold those scary, scary swastika-bearing astroturfers. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState, who gives credit to both: The Common Sense Citizens Network, and Ace of Spades HQ.

Wherever the meme originated, here's the story being passed from blogger to blogger:

The AARP representatives did not want to hear from the members at all; in fact, once the members began to ask questions, the meeting was officially shut down. The members, however, continued without them.

This is the video of the meeting that they're all using:

Now, is that story above what you saw?. Because I saw something else...

I wasn't there of course, but it sure looked to me like the AARP reps (who called for & arranged the town hall meeting, from the looks of it) said that they were going to speak first, and then open the floor up for questions & comments... But the folks there--members & otherwise--(that biker lookin' guy didn't look that old, to me... Must be all that clean livin' bikers are famous for...) had other ideas, and wanted to run the meeting their own way...

Try that at a staff or faculty meeting where you work, and see how far you get (assuming you ain't the boss, I mean...)

You don't always get to do things exactly the way you want to do 'em... It's like having a group of students ripping up the course syllabus & dictating for the rest (including the instructor) when & how the professor is going to teach the class.

Even assuming these students are correct, and are saving the class from an awful semester of really boring lectures from a really bad teacher, staging a coup and taking over the class isn't the way to get that point across. No school in America (& probably not most parents, either) would or should permit it.

So why is it in any way admirable when these adults do it?

"No, I want it NOW!!" - Veruca Salt

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